Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


What is Summer League?

Summer League is a draft league organized by the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams (LAOUT). This is LAOUT’s 20th year organizing a draft league.

Does Summer League have a theme this year?

Of course, because I love themes.  This year’s theme is Mount Olympus.  Greek Gods and Goddesses.  The powers are back!  Only this year, every team will have the same power.  It will change every week, so you’ll get to try out all the powers at least once.

Who can play in Summer league?

Summer League is open to Ultimate players of all skill levels who mostly live in the greater Los Angeles area. The leagues are “beginner friendly.”

What are the rules for gender ratio?

The intention is for this to be a strict 4 men/3 women league.  I’m not sure exactly how that will be attainable, and it’s possible we may be going back to the two league system, but for now, the goal is 4/3.

When and where is Summer League played?

The 9 week season begins Monday, June 5 and ends Thursday, August 3.  Games are played Monday – Friday nights, 8:00 – 10:00 at Culver City High School, Rancho Cienega Recreation Center (Jackie Robinson field in Mid-City) and the Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex in Van Nuys.  These are all turf fields.  There’s also a possibility we might add a Santa Monica turf field, but so far we haven’t added that yet.

How do I register?

Go to the Summer League Registration page.  Fill it out and pay either on-line or send a check in the amount of $69, made out to LAOUT, to the address listed on the form.  Your registration form must be completed by Friday, May 12 (I believe it ends at midnight, but it’s a new system and it doesn’t list a time) and payment must be received by that date.  All players in both leagues will receive discs and jerseys.  (Note: late registration is Friday, May 29 and will cost $10 more, so make sure to get in on time.)  If you are a LAOUT Member, you will get $5 off regardless of when you sign up.

Special Registration rates:
If you are under 21, you will get a $10 discount from the time you pay.  That’s on top of the $5 member rate.

If you are a female who’s new to Ultimate, don’t pay.  Contact me and I have a special rate for you that’s not listed on the registration page.

What if I missed the deadline and still want to play?

Any players who sign up late – after the draft – can ONLY be added to teams to replace injured players, or players who drop out. Think of it as a crowded bar on Sunset. You can’t get in until someone else leaves. Players may only be added to teams with the consent of the Commissioner. Don’t just add ringers on your own.

Do I need to be a USAU member to play?

No. There hasn’t been a USAU requirement in L.A. leagues for years now.

Can I baggage with other players?

Yes. This year I’m getting more flexible on baggage.  You can baggage with up to three other people, but the intent of baggaging is for carpool purposes only, or if you’re in a relationship or bringing a new player to the league.  If two couples want to baggage together, you need to live near each other for this to be acceptable.

When and where is the tournament?

The Tournament will be on Saturday, August 5.  Either in Santa Clarita or back at Pomona.  Still working on it.

Spirit Circles

Summer League has pre-game spirit circles.  Teams are encouraged to huddle together before the opening pull to meet each other, and remind everyone that this is a beginner-friendly league, and not meant to be ultra-competitive.  And to wish the other team good luck.  This is semi-mandatory.  Meaning you don’t absolutely have to do it, but you really should do it.

What if I have other questions?

Contact the Summer League Commissioner, Andy Bandit, at summerleague@laout.org or at andybandit@gmail.com