Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams


Date: Saturday, August 5th

Location: Central Park, Santa Clarita. 27150 Bouquet Canyon Rd.

Start Time: First round begins at 7:30AM. Second round begins at 9:10AM. I know it’s really early.  I’m sorry about that, but this is necessary to reduce how hot it’s going to be.  Please be on the time.  The tournament format is at the bottom of this post.

Tournament Map: We have sections of the park, as you can see below.  They’re called MP 9, 10, 7 & 8.  (MP stands for multi-purpose, in case you were wondering.  So my field designations match their numbers.  Between 7 & 8, we usually fit 3 fields.  So I’m calling the middle one MP7.5.  And since that area is closest to the bathrooms, I’ll set up Frisbee Central there next to MP7.



– 5 North heading to Magic Mountain
– Take exit 169 Valencia Blvd.
– Left turn at Bouquet Canyon Rd.
– Field will be on the right

Ending Time: Last round is scheduled to end around 3:40 pm.

Rules: Same exact rules as the regular season.  Games will be to 11 due to the heat.  The only thing to note is the soft cap and hard cap are not USAU’s rules.

– Soft cap means complete the point, then add 2 to the leading total. Still win by 2. (One horn blow for soft cap.)
– Hard cap means complete the point, then add 1 to leading total. Game plays until that point is reached, regardless of how far behind a team is. (Two horn blows for hard cap.)

Rules for the Powers:  THE POWERS WILL BE ACTIVE.  Here’s how they work for the tournament.

– All 10 powers are available for every team to use.  I’ll have signs posted at the tournament with the rules to remind you about each power.
– For each game, once one team uses a power, the other team cannot use that power in that game.
– Once a team has used a power, they cannot use that power again in the tournament in any other game.  It takes four games to win the tournament, so you want to be smart about how you use them.
– Teams cannot sub players in and out after a power is declared, unless that is the specific rule of the power.  But you CAN call a time-out on offense and sub up to two players during the time-out, which is a standard Summer League rule.

Tourney Format:


TOGA PARTY AND OLYMPIC GAMES: Immediately following the tournament at JJ’s Bar & Grill.  25848 Tournament Road, Valencia, CA 91355

Same place as this year’s Winter League party.  Everyone is welcome of all ages!!!  Food and drink tickets will be provided.

In the JJ’s outside patio, several games will be set up.  Your team can compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in each event.  3 points for each Gold, 2 points for each Silver, and 1 point for each Bronze.  The highest overall total will win the Olympics.  In order to compete in any Olympic event, you MUST be wearing a toga.  You may borrow a toga from a teammate to play a game.  Just so long as you’re wearing one when you play.  I’ll be liberal on what counts as a toga.  But not too liberal.

– Head west on Bouquet Canyon Road
– Turn right on Valencia Blvd.
– Turn left on Rockwell Canyon Road
– Rockwell Canyon Road becomes Tournament Road
– At Golfview Drive, turn left into the Vista Village Center
– JJ’s Bar is in there


The fee for tournament subs is $15.

Questions? Contact me at andyb1414@yahoo.com