Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

Captain Contacts

After Party – Nathan Warden (ncwarden@gmail.com), Stephanie Hicks (hicks.stephanie.m@gmail.com)

Animal Style –¬†Chris Ludwig (cwludwig@gmail.com)

Dumbledore’s Army – Amy Halvorsen (a.e.halvo@gmail.com)

Free Agent РSeth Gillum for now (sethgillum@hotmail.com)

Marshall – Seth Gillum (sethgillum@hotmail.com)

Ninja Squirtles – Allen Lai (afropanda@gmail.com)

Retro – Lance Larson (lancelarson@yahoo.com), Mike Bell (emailmikebell@gmail.com)

Rooks – Colin Whitman (cwhitman29@gmail.com)

Skeeter – Grant Boyd (grantboyd@gmail.com)

Sky Life – Douglas Duquette (doug.duquette@gmail.com), Tim Armstrong (planettsa@gmail.com)

Tarmac – Erick Cifuentes (ericksemail@gmail.com)

Tsukemen and Women – Veronica Yee (vernie061692@gmail.com), Andrew Bustle (andrew.bustle@gmail.com)