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  1. Hi, add your free agent info here.

  2. (using the free agent template from Beach League:

    Scott Bergen / male
    scottbergen at yahoo.com 818.370.2102
    Been playing for like 20 years
    Just moved back to LA from SF. Played on Slow Children at Play when I was here and played on American Barbecue (briefly) while I was there. Mostly just played a lot of rec leagues.
    Very excited to be back out there!

  3. Tim “Ebymac” Eby-McKenzie / male
    tim at ebymac.com 818-281-6109
    Been playing a very long time – looking to join up with other free agents, perhaps.
    5’10”, fast for an old guy.

  4. Male + Female free agent package

    Ryan Lebar / male
    rlebar@gmail.com 9414003814
    24 years old, 6′ 1″ Lefty
    7 years of experience
    I moved to LA this summer, I played in the summer league tourny and at pickup on the west side.
    South preference

    Frances Hernandez / Female
    28 years old, 5′ 7″
    1 years of experience
    Former college soccer&bball player, very sticky hands!

  5. Caleb “Cable” Shen / Male
    caleb.shen@outlook.com / (626)377-2787
    playing for 5 years
    pickup, summer/winter leagues, college, and club experience

  6. Julia Forgie / Female
    5’10” Lefty
    Playing inconsistently for 3 yrs (2 yrs in LA – some leagues, pickup)
    Not a great thrower, but I can run and catch and have field sense

  7. Daniel Peteuil/ Male
    Yansandp at gmail.com
    5’9”. fairly quick
    Experience: 2 years pickup 3-5 days a week and some league.
    Originally had a baseball(pitcher)/ football sports background, so I love how ultimate combines throwing and agility/ movement. Looking to play more, challenge myself, improve and have fun.
    South preference

  8. Alex “Sober” Sobel /Male
    aljsobel@gmail.com / (818) 515-3626
    Playing for 8 years
    Pickup, summer league, beach league, college, some club

  9. Evan “Dune” Soskin / Male
    evan.soskin@gmail.com 215-679-5767
    22, 5’10.5″, mostly handler
    Experience: 5 years
    4 years at UCLA, 2 years of Club (Gridlock and Renegade), few years of Summer league
    Competitive, but looking to just play and have fun

  10. Kevin Parsons
    30/male 5’11
    middler/cutter , more defensive player, can handle if necassary
    Played on and off for about 11 years, pickup, college, summer league, beach league, prefer midcity/ north

  11. Eric Siegel/ Male
    20, 5’8
    Experience: 1 year
    Currently play for UCLA Smaug

  12. Lauralee (Lori / LJ) Rausch
    Been playing for 20+ years
    Summer League 2017 I had a perfect tournament – 100% throw/catch for entire 4 games and handled for most of them!
    However, a snail could beat me…
    Looking for team or free agents

  13. Justin Marsh / Male
    justinedwardmarsh@gmail.com / 8133942791
    34, 5’11”, Santa Monica
    8 years, Pickup 2x / week, 2 summer leagues, 2 SPH (2017 accuracy winner)
    Dependable handler w near 100% attendance

  14. Mike Russo / Male
    russomdr@gmail.com / 774-242-3679
    23, 5’8″
    Usually handle but don’t mind cutting
    DIII college, tourneys/hat tourneys/summer leagues (fool’s fest, wildwood, AUDL, RIPUL, etc.)
    Favorite Ninja Turtle: Michelangelo
    Favorite Movie: How to Train Your Dragon
    Starting 5 in Space Jam: MJ, Bugs, Lola, Daffy, and (as long as you have adderall) the Roadrunner
    Special skills: Can play ‘Under the Sea’ on the Xylophone
    Favorite Quote: “If we shouldn’t eat at night, why is there a light in the fridge?”
    Favorite Avril Lavigne Song: “Hot”
    Spirit Animal: Wolf
    Hogwart’s House: Ravenclaw (assigned by the sorting hat via pottermore)

  15. Hey I’m an experienced lefty handler, quick solid and reliable with a good backhand huck. I’m good at covering other handlers and can bust long when needed as well. I’m friendly and inclusive on and off the field.

    I played with on Top Shelf in winter league when it was still a thing. I’ve also played summer league with Grant Boyd, Seth Gillum and Jane Carlen if you’re looking for insight on my playing.

    Hoping to get out and play this winter! Thanks.
    Brendan aka “Foo”
    alerts+ulti _at_ brendanmiller.com
    310 ~ 387 ~ 5995

  16. David Siegal / male
    5’8″ shifty (there’s an f in there) runner.
    Consistent short to medium throws.
    Regular pickup player. This would be my second tournament.
    Most selfless act: I will volunteer to be in the cup against the zone.
    Prefer Culver City or Mid City.
    ionmail-rec at yahoo.com

  17. Mochi Li / Male
    23 / 5’8 / Can handler or cut (whatever the team needs)
    4.5 years of experience (college, club, pickup)
    Just want to play and have fun. PUT ME IN COACH

    Also, Evan Soskin (see above) are roommates, please bundle us. Thanks!

  18. Byron Alicaya / Male
    byronalicay@hotmail.com (323) 333-3680
    5’11” , Cutter
    2 year experience
    Pickup, some leagues, St pats tourney N lei out.

  19. Nick Schaafsma or “Chef”
    6′ 3”
    Like to run, cut, catch, throw, and make Ds. Need to work on pulling.
    90s, College Team theme, Villains, and Greek Gods Summer Leagues

  20. Randy Sanchez

    5′ 8″. Masters Nationals, Grand Masters Nationals, Great Grand Masters Nationals.
    Don’t need a lot of playing time. Healthy supportive attitude, comfortable playing zone D.
    High percentage completions, break mark throws. Not the fastest but good for my age.
    Usually O line handler but will play wherever needed.



  21. Randy Sanchez

    323 481-2294

  22. KAPOW! Winter league team looking for women players to join up! We are based out of Santa Clarita.
    Contact Lance (Postman) for more info

  23. Shashin Patel / Male
    shashp at gmail / 310.896.8797
    34, 5’6”, Playa Vista
    Many years of pickup, Pickup 1x / week (culver), 2 leagues

  24. How do we find out if we are requested as a sub?

  25. Anyone still looking for women? Was there a free agent team formed this year?
    Let me know if anyone still needs women:

    Lauralee (Lori / LJ) Rausch
    Been playing for 20+ years here in LA (1997-2001 I was in the LA woman’s b team, then on the only LA team 2001-2003)
    Summer League 2017 I had a perfect tournament – 100% throw/catch for entire 4 games and handled for most of them!
    However, a snail could beat me…
    I love the game and have great spirit!

  26. Alec Wilson Holliday
    Here for a semester for school, I play for Ithaca College (D3), in New York.
    2 years experience
    Started off as cutter, but trying to transition into a Hybrid, played handler for the most part in the fall semester
    5’10 / 5’11
    Fast and physical
    Jump discs are a strong suit

  27. Male/25/6’3”

    Just moved to Los Angeles from Boston. I have been playing ultimate for about 5 years. I can have an ok throw, but I am more of a runner.

  28. Loucagos@Gmail.com

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