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Free Agents

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  1. Hi, add your free agent info here.

  2. (using the free agent template from Beach League:

    Scott Bergen / male
    scottbergen at yahoo.com 818.370.2102
    Been playing for like 20 years
    Just moved back to LA from SF. Played on Slow Children at Play when I was here and played on American Barbecue (briefly) while I was there. Mostly just played a lot of rec leagues.
    Very excited to be back out there!

  3. Tim “Ebymac” Eby-McKenzie / male
    tim at ebymac.com 818-281-6109
    Been playing a very long time – looking to join up with other free agents, perhaps.
    5’10”, fast for an old guy.

  4. Male + Female free agent package

    Ryan Lebar / male
    rlebar@gmail.com 9414003814
    24 years old, 6′ 1″ Lefty
    7 years of experience
    I moved to LA this summer, I played in the summer league tourny and at pickup on the west side.
    South preference

    Frances Hernandez / Female
    28 years old, 5′ 7″
    1 years of experience
    Former college soccer&bball player, very sticky hands!

  5. Caleb “Cable” Shen / Male
    caleb.shen@outlook.com / (626)377-2787
    playing for 5 years
    pickup, summer/winter leagues, college, and club experience

  6. Julia Forgie / Female
    5’10” Lefty
    Playing inconsistently for 3 yrs (2 yrs in LA – some leagues, pickup)
    Not a great thrower, but I can run and catch and have field sense

  7. Daniel Peteuil/ Male
    Yansandp at gmail.com
    5’9”. fairly quick
    Experience: 2 years pickup 3-5 days a week and some league.
    Originally had a baseball(pitcher)/ football sports background, so I love how ultimate combines throwing and agility/ movement. Looking to play more, challenge myself, improve and have fun.
    South preference

  8. Alex “Sober” Sobel /Male
    aljsobel@gmail.com / (818) 515-3626
    Playing for 8 years
    Pickup, summer league, beach league, college, some club

  9. Evan “Dune” Soskin / Male
    evan.soskin@gmail.com 215-679-5767
    22, 5’10.5″, mostly handler
    Experience: 5 years
    4 years at UCLA, 2 years of Club (Gridlock and Renegade), few years of Summer league
    Competitive, but looking to just play and have fun

  10. Kevin Parsons
    30/male 5’11
    middler/cutter , more defensive player, can handle if necassary
    Played on and off for about 11 years, pickup, college, summer league, beach league, prefer midcity/ north

  11. Eric Siegel/ Male
    20, 5’8
    Experience: 1 year
    Currently play for UCLA Smaug

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