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Marshall Clinches

Feb 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

Last night Marshall needed a win to clinch the division title in A, and it wasn’t easy.  We played Ice Ice Baby, the former Summer League champion who now has awesome jerseys with a baby looking all Gangnam Style and holding two presumably Smirnoff Ice’s.  Hysterical.  Streaks were the name of the game.  Not the kind where Will Ferrell is running through the quad to the gymnasium.  But the kind where teams are tied early, then we jumped out to an 8-4 lead, then they tied it at 9’s, and we won 15-10.

Sam and I played an offensive point together.  First time that has ever happened I think.  If Tucker was on the line with us, you’d know we went through a worm hole.

Cubby lost the beer bet cause he turned it over the most times.  Who saw that coming?

Snatch had the play of the game in my opinion, when a huck to him was about to be D’d by a poaching Lauren Hill.  He was barreling toward her at full speed as she was reaching up to sky it and probably didn’t even see him.  Hospital Pass, yo.  But he chose not to become a death missile and destroy her kidneys, instead stopping short and accepting the turnover.  Standing ovation man.  Although she cross fits now, so actually, he probably made the smart move for his own safety.

Evan Valdes is a God.  Y’all were right to vote him the #1 player to get picked on the LA AUDL team.  He is still single.  Somebody jump on that please!  Where’s Markham when you need her?  Oh damn, right, she’s taken.

Criqet made it out, having given Spike her flu.  Well played there.

There’s a super fast Ice Ice dude.  I have no idea what his name is.  I think he had green shorts.  Summer League captains take note.

In Kaimana, we had Spirit Liaisons.  Someone who basically apologizes for all your team’s questionable spirit.  I’d like to take that position for Marshall yesterday and say I’m sorry to Ice Ice Baby for the several times we yelled.  We didn’t mean it.  And we’re very sorry about it.

So Marshall moves to 5-0.  Last game of the season is scheduled for Monday against Abominable Snowmen (0-5), a re-match of week 2.  Ice Ice falls to 2-4.  They finish up Monday against Kong (3-2).

In the other game, Ninja Squirtles won the re-match against Sky Life 15-8.  They beat them 15-7 in week one.  Ninja is 4-2.  They have a bye, but they’re making up their game against AFO (3-1) next Thursday.  Sky Life’s record evens to 4-4 on the year.


Two more games in A tonight.  Kong (3-2) takes on the Huck and Chuck Show (1-4).  They played in Week 4, with Kong winning that game 15-4.  AFO (3-0) goes up against Abominable Snowmen (0-5).  When they played last year, AFO won 15-10.

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