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Mid-Season Power Rankings

Jul 11th, 2017 | By | Category: Summer League

Click on the link for Excel to see Alex Carey’s Mid-Season Power Rankings

2017 Summer League Power Rankings

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  1. Obviously we need to see past power rankings versus actual end of seaons’ results!

  2. at the end of this season ill power rank each seasons power ranking.

  3. also i think all the ages/age rank got messed up with the formatting, head to tab 2 where you can see the correct age averages.

  4. Just to defend our draft. We weren’t allowed to draft the melos or annie/fish baggage. So there. 😛

  5. “female driven teams in summer league generally don’t do as well”

    Lets see Mint in 2014 with Ruggs, Connie, and Skipper won the tournament.
    Blue Sage in 2015 with Cortez, Skipper, and Dory went all the way to the finals.
    2016 was harsh because of the format switch to 5-2.

    For every year I’ve played summer league, strong women teams have been pretty successful.

  6. this is a little less of a thing now that men and women are drafted separately. However, really what im getting at is that teams that drafted women in the 1 and 2 spot, generally don’t do as well.

    I don’t know the draft order for all those years, but i’m guessing 2015 had you being picked in the first round for ur team. 2014 was probably gary 1, connie 2.

    Id buy your argument if you had examples of teams doing well that had no men being picked in the first 2 rounds.

    No doubt there are a whole host of reasons teams win or lose.

  7. Alright Mr. Carey. I see you put the odds of Dionysus at winning the tourney at 12-1 . I’m ready to give you favorable odds.

    10-1 ought to work. Let’s bet!

  8. oh jeeze, those odds are mostly made up. can i get a little info, are you going to AJ’s aprty? how late are you staying? Is evan going?

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