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Ninja Assassinates Marshall

Feb 12th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

I guess you don’t need a lot of players to perform well.  Ninja Squirtles proved that Thursday night when they showed up savage on the guy side, and then proceeded to go up on Marshall 6-2.  The give-and-go was their weapon of choice for much of the first half.  They gave and they went.  They went up-line.  Then they broke back to the center, and did it again.

They found mismatches deep and exploited them.  They used constant movement.  They broke around with high arching forehands.  They conserved energy with their use of space on offense.  And they poached a lot on defense, and picked off some easy D’s.

In short, they did win things.

This was the same team that lost 15-5 to Dumbledore last week right?  Were they all busy watching gravitational waves? (Topical!)

We started to keep pace with them after that 6-2 opening.  From then on it was basically a 3 or 4 point lead for them.  Which means we figured out what they were doing, we adjusted, we countered, they got tired, and we still couldn’t catch up.  That’s the frustrating part.

The final score was Ninja 15 – Marshall 12.  That 14-12 (and 13-11 actually) was the closest we got.  So give them props for pushing through the long game and getting the job done.

We were low on players too, especially on the women side with only one sub.  But no excuses.  They outplayed us, and through eight games between these two teams including tournament games, Ninja now holds a 4-3-1 advantage all-time.

Spike offers the recap from Ninja’s side.  He’s better at just summing everything up in a few words.


Too true.  What’s Frostyboy doing bringing an ice cream cone to a Ninja fight?  Oh, Frostyboy, you do so love that cone.

Ninja is now 3-1.  Despite Animal Style and Hungry Hydra appearing at the top of the leaderboard, fear not.  If the season ended today, Ninja would be the 1 seed and Skeeter would be the 2.  Ninja will rematch Skeeter (3-1) next Thursday.

Marshall’s record evens at 2-2.  We will play Retro (2-2) next Thursday.  I expect a new video from them, and I’m wondering what trash they’re gonna talk in that one.

On the other field, it was Skeeter and Kong.  I have no recap from that game.  Skeeter won 15-6.

That puts Skeeter at 3-1 and as mentioned, they’ll play Ninja (3-1) next Thursday in the rematch.

Kong is now 0-4.  They will embark on a series of games against the Tier 2 teams, starting with Animal Style on Tuesday.


Now we’re gonna get some very interesting games in.  Kong is 0-4, by far the worst start in their decade long history.  They’re the #5 seed.  The #6 seed is Hungry Hydra followed by Animal Style at #7.

Animal Style (4-0) will face Kong first.  That is going to be fun to see.  This is where we learn about the divide between the tier 1 and tier 2 teams.  Is Animal Style right there with Kong?  Or despite their 4-0 record against Kong’s 0-4, is Kong still vastly superior?  Last year Kong won this game 15-6.  I think the margin is closer this year.  I predict double digits for Animal Style.  But we’ll see when they play.

Also intriguing is the Hungry Hydra (4-0) vs. Dumbledore’s Army (2-2) game.  Dumbledore is the current #4 seed.  Hydra is #6.  Hydra is composed of players from last year’s Family Style club team.  Does playing a season together and practicing together give them an edge?  Dumbledore sent Ninja to their only loss, and it wasn’t pretty at 15-5.  There’s no history between these two teams, cause they’re both new.  How these games go, and a couple games at the end of the season will have an impact on how the tournament is formatted.

Stay tuned.

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