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Slackfest 2011 – November 23

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Hey, LA ultimate players, it warms me right down to the cockles of my heart (indeed, the very cockles) to announce that, for the 10th year in a row, there will be awesome ultimate on Wednesday, November 23, at Oak Grove Park (AKA Hahamonga Watershed Park), in Pasadena, from noon till nightfall, as the good folks of Slacker Wednesday proudly present


If you’ve been there before you know how it works. You slope out of work as soon as the boss lets you (this being the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and all) and head on over to Oak Grove, tricked out with cleats, lights and darks, friends, family, dogs, lawn chairs, libations (very important, the libations) and whatever festive snacky-snacks you care to bring. You also bring cans (see below), and at the park you join 60 or 70 of your closest ultimate pals for hours and hours of hot ultimate action on two fields, plus smack talk on the sideline and other rampant festivities. If you’ve not been there before, you definitely don’t want to miss it; Slackfest starts your holiday weekend with a big, big bang.

This year, as every year, we’re holding a can drive to support the Door of Hope homeless shelter in Pasadena. Thanks to the good offices of Tim Eby-McKenzie, we always collect and donate a sizable sum of edibles, according to Tim’s criteria: “Dried or canned food – just nothing fresh, and no alcohol. Something that often gets left out is sweets – so if someone wants to bring cookies or a bag of candy or Fig Newtons – we often bring rice, beans, canned yams, etc. – but no one lives on bread (or yams) alone!”

Indeed, no one lives on yams alone. But everyone lives for SLACKFEST, so mark your calendar now, and plan to be a part of an LA tradition since 2002.

Keep ‘em flying! –jv

PS: If you have friends coming into town for the holiday (back home from college, say) be sure to tell them to pack their cleats. They can be part of Slackfest, too!

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  1. Hey everyone, it’s just a week till Slackfest. Be sure to mention it to ultimate friends coming in from out of town. If they get here and they don’t have their cleats they’ll be bummed.

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