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St. Pat’s Hat 2012

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ST. PAT’S HAT 2012





LAOUT is proud to be continuing the St. Pat’s Hat tradition started by Mo in 1995. St. Pat’s is a coed hat tournament (each player signs up as an individual and is assigned to a team for the weekend). You must pre-register and pre-pay in order to play.


Saturday & Sunday March 24 & 25, 2012. Games begin at 9:00 am Saturday. Please arrive NO LATER THAN 8:00 to get your JERSEY, meet your teammates, and warm up. There will be a players’ meeting at 9:00.


Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks Memorial Park
14201 Huston St.
Van Nuys, CA 91423


Registration is currently close, but you can sign up for the waiting list.  Please click the link at the bottom to register.  If you have further questions regarding signup, please contact Andy at andyb1414@yahoo.com


The cost is dropping back to $35 per player, because I’m not going through 5 Ultimate to get jerseys.  This year I’m returning to cotton jerseys in multiple shades of green.  Old school.  You can Paypal me or send a check made out to LAOUT (not made out to me) to the following address:

Andizzle Bandizzle
11280 Huston St. #8
North Hollywood, CA 91601


Hopefully I’ll have discs for purchase.  Don’t count on that though.


15 coed teams. Format will be based on the number of women who sign up.


Specific schedule and field layout to be determined.  Please arrive no later than 8:00am Saturday morning to collect your shirt.


UPA 11th edition are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

1.     Footblocks are illegal, because I hate them.

2.     Games to 13. Mirror half at 7.  Win by 2.  Cap at 16.

3.     Soft Cap. Signaled by one horn.  Play to the highest score +2.

4.     Hard cap.  Signaled by two horns ten minutes later.  Play to the highest score +1.  Note: this is NOT the USAU rules.  The winning team must score the final point to win.

5.     One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime.  Overtime begins at 12-12.  Time outs are 90 seconds.

6.     The fields will probably be short, so the brick will be 15 yards instead of the usual 20.

7.     There is no rule 7.  7 is an unlucky number in some Asian cultures.

8.     You may substitute up to two players during a time-out.

9.     Last year’s zone rules are back in effect.  Each team may play 2 zone points per game and no more.  So use them wisely.


After playing Hats, Hops and Hucks, I’ve decided I really like some of their hat rules.

1.     Your hat should be creative, or anything other than a baseball cap.  Baseball caps are not hats.  Unless you get creative with your baseball cap.

2.     Hat D’s are allowed.  But you know, be careful.  Don’t throw your hat at someone’s head.

3.     You are not an offensive player without your hat on your head.  If your hat falls off, you are now just really tall grass.  You can still get a D without your hat on, but make sure not to catch your D’s unless your hat is on your head, or else it’s an instant turnover.

4.     Sideline D’s will be allowed during finals on any team that leads by 3 points or more.


Field food and water (bring your own bottles) will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.


Thanks to DTW we will be having an accuracy contest available during your bye rounds. Report your scores to frisbee central to be eligible for a sweet prize.


Party is at the Draft Bar & Grill in Studio City.

12430 Riverside Drive, Studio City, 91607

Plan for the party to start at 6:30pm Saturday night after the tournament.


Full refund will be given to anyone who cancels their registration on or prior to Februrary 24th.   No refund will be given after that.


In case you were wondering.  Top 3 women based on your responses were Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis and Scarlet Johansson.  Top 3 men were Ryan Gosling and a 3-way tie for 2nd between Channing Tatum, Ewan McGregor and Timothy Olyphant


Contact Andy at andyb1414@yahoo.com

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  1. Gotta love the Finals hat D mercy rule…

  2. LOVE the new hat rules. Let’s see some creativity, people.

  3. I have the perfect hat for this, but I’m not going to be able to play this year. 🙁

  4. I’m glad the hat rules have come back. Mo brought them here when he started this tourney and L.A. walked away from the idea of unity and fun.

  5. So if I wear a baseball cap I can’t be on offense? I am all for spirit for those who want to play…but forcing this rule seems a little much…please, please, please tell me I am reading this wrong? I love St Pat’s Hat and look forward to this weekend every year, but this new rule kills it for me. I really, really hope that I read this wrong.
    : (

  6. Yep, that is the new rule. You are reading it correctly. Sorry if that kills it for you.

  7. @LAJarvis, Baseball caps are ok IF you do something to it. Tape on some wings, some fake mullet hair, anything to make it unique and not JUST a baseball cap.

  8. ^Say’s the guy with the user name “Lana is Hot”. Which she is.

    Or “Lana I Shot”. Which is at least attempted murder.

  9. u pegged the name the first time. its been my username for everything since i was 10.

  10. You know this is Don right? This is the usual banter I give you.

  11. Hey Andizzle, what’s your zip code???

  12. Woops. 91601. I updated it on the page.

  13. How competitive is this tournament going to be. Can a normal guy play who isn’t in great shape but has played a few years of ultimate?

  14. Absolutely Chris. This is a beginner friendly tournament. Not super competitive. It’s meant to be a more casual fun tournament, hence the silly hat rules.

  15. Is there an age limit?
    I’m only 14, so I was hoping I could still play.

  16. No kick blocks ’cause Andy “Hates” them….

  17. So, what I need to find is a green bejewled hat that can fly and won’t fall off my head. Wish me luck.

  18. Weather forecast calls for rain. Is there a contingency plan?

  19. Denial is a river in Africa. And it’s not gonna rain.

  20. This is J.R. coming up from San Diego for the tourney. I am looking for a place to crash for Fri and Sat. I am a long-time veteran Ultimate player & overall fun guy! I even won Spirit of the Game at Worlds & have a lot of good stories .) I’m really looking forward to this tourney, my first in a year since I moved from Savannah Georgia.

    If anyone has floor space or a hotel room to share please let me know

    J.R. Reynolds
    858-859-7500 phone or text


  21. This whole “no footblocks” business has got to end.

  22. Dot, in response to your “This whole ‘no footblocks’ business has got to end” comment….. that sounds like the words of a man who wants to run St. Pat’s Hat next year. I happily accept your request. 🙂

  23. Andy I need a ruling. I have a St. Pat’s Angel’s baseball cap. All green. With four leaf clovers. Do I need more decoration? And this raises another question. Are you the hat tsar or will there be a hat committee or judicial court?

  24. http://www.weather.com/weather/weekend/USCA1190


  25. its only gonna drizzle! it’ll make your hat heavier and easier to throw. Embrace it.

  26. I’ll be putting out an email tomorrow and will attempt to answer all of your questions ragarding hats and the rain situation.

  27. Wunderground says it’s a mere 70% chance of showers. Poo poo on WG. We have the patron saint of Guinness on our side, don’t ya know! (Of course, it does rain quite a bit in Ireland, so what the hell am I talking about?)

  28. Thanks for all your hard work Andy. (Some of us love you.)

  29. Then again, some of us love to work you hard. Others hardly love to work you. Any way you slice it, though, love is surely involved.

  30. Shout out to Mr. Bandit, who’s now had to plan and organize this whole thing (plus the party) TWICE! You da man!

  31. Indeed – Thanks. AB!

  32. What is the plan for Sunday in case of inclement weather? Just a Sat. one day?

  33. Oh Jeff Chai. Why must you ask the difficult questions? I’ll be doing a little speech Saturday morning before games start, and I’ll let everyone know the situation for Sunday. I can’t give you an answer right now, because …. well….. I don’t have one.

  34. just signed up for that waiting list! who knew it was postponed? any spots left?

  35. Hey, How come Irish wins? Lime was 5-0 too, with a huge point spread

  36. What you saw on the Facebook page was a farce. AJ grabbed my cell phone and posted that. He’s wily.

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