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St. Pat’s Hat 2016

St. Pat's Hat 2016

St. Pat’s Hat 2016

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LAOUT is proud to be continuing the St. Pat’s Hat tradition started by Mo in 1995. St. Pat’s is a coed hat tournament (each player signs up as an individual and is assigned to a team for the weekend). You must pre-register, pre-pay and bring your Irish cheer in order to play.


To help spread the fun of Ultimate with old and new friends.


Saturday & Sunday March 26 & 27, 2016. Registration from 8:30-9:00am on Saturday. Games start at 9:30am and run until 4:30pm on Saturday. Games start at 10am on Sunday


Field of Dreams

501 Westmont Dr,

San Pedro, CA 90731


Registration is now closed


coed teams. 4 men 3 women.


Specific Schedule and field layout will be uploaded soon. Games are scheduled to start at 9:30am on Saturday. Please arrive no later than 8:45am to meet your team and get your hucks ready.


UPA 11th edition are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:
1.     Footblocks are totally legal, except when marking Andy Bandit.
2.     Games to 11. Mirror half at 6.  Win by 2.  Cap at 15.
3.     Soft Cap. Signaled by one horn.  Finish current point then play to the highest score +2.
4.     2 points if the disc is caught with the player’s hat in the end zone.
5.     Hard cap.  Signaled by two horns ten minutes later.  Finish current point then only continue playing if the score is tied.
6.     One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime.  Overtime begins at 10-10.  Time outs are 90 seconds.
7.     The fields should be regulation size, so a brick is 20 yards.
8.     You may substitute up to two players during a time-out.


Field water (bring your own bottles)  and snacks will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.


We will be having an accuracy contest available during your bye rounds. Report your scores to frisbee central to be eligible for a sweet prize.


Shannon’s on Pine (In the downstairs room)

209 Pine Ave

Long Beach, CA 90802

First 75 athletes to show up will be receiving ONE FREE Shoot the Root. Happy Hour drinks and food will be provided from 4-8pm.
wristbands will be provided at the fields. The party is ages 21 and up. Please bring ID for age verification. 

Refund Policy: 

Full refund will be given to anyone who cancels their registration on or prior to February 5th 2016.   No refund will be given after that.

Jersey Donations for Ultimate Peace

The St. Pat’s Hat is proud to be partnering with Ultimate Peace to host an Ultimate Jersey donation bin. Spring clean those closets and take out those 6 year old league jerseys we all know you aren’t going to wear anymore and donate them to Ultimate Peace.

For those interested in who Ultimate Peace is, here is a mini blerp:

Ultimate Peace was established by founders Dr. David Barkan (California), Linda Sidorsky (Massachusetts) and Dori Yaniv (Israel) in the spring of 2008. The idea emanated from a trip to Israel organized by David and Dori, in which an All-Star Ultimate team known as the Matza Balls taught Israeli children and promoted the sport of Ultimate. While excited by the significant momentum generated in the world of Israeli Ultimate by facilitating clinics and a tournament, the Americans were dismayed by the realization that Ultimate was not being played in the neighboring Arab and Palestinian sporting communities. Members of the team wondered what it would be like to have Muslim, Christian and Jewish children sharing the joys of throwing and catching a soaring disc, playing on a team cooperatively, and settling on-field disagreements collaboratively. This vision, shared by Linda (organizer of international youth Ultimate) for years, was pursued vigorously since 2006 and ultimately led to the concept of Ultimate Peace, and the inaugural 2009 event. Ultimate Peace projects will practice, model and convey our five core principles: mutual respect, friendship, non-violence, integrity, and fun.


Contact  Chuck and/or Sherry at stpatshat@laout.org

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  1. Hi! Do we paypal to stpatshat@laout.org or some other email address? Thanks!

  2. What have you done to St. Pats Hat?!

  3. Hiya! Any particular reason why registration closes 7 weeks before the tournament date?

  4. Please make sure to Click on the “register here” and fill out the form so that we can place you on a team for the tournament.

  5. Is it true that the fields have been conferred to artificial turf? Haven’t been down there in a few years.

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