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St Pat’s Hat Updated Times

Mar 19th, 2013 | By | Category: St. Pat's Hat, Tournaments

St. Pat’s Hat will be at the Balboa fields starting at 4pm this Saturday. Enjoy your Saturday morning sleep in and get to the fields by 3:30pm to get your jersey and get in the Irish spirit. (Games from 9:45-3pm on Sunday)

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  1. Obviously this change is going to throw a monkey wrench into a lot of peoples’ plans — we were looking forward to ducking our families for the whole weekend — but no matter, ultimately players know how to roll with the punches. I do think it would be a good idea, in the name of transparency and full disclosure, to convey why and how this change came about.

  2. I’ll be more than happy to talk about this in person with anyone who wants to find me and ask me at the tournament. Unfortunately, when you don’t own the fields you want to play on, you’re at the mercy of the field’s scheduling department, even if you start trying to reserve fields in November (as we did).

  3. I’m happy to disclose how this all happened, so Spike doesn’t have to answer questions all day about it.

    – November I contacted Valley Municipal Sports to book the entire season for Winter League, plus the WL tourney and St. Pat’s.
    – Important to note that VMS books Balboa and Van Nuys/Sherman Oaks. But Balboa books their own fields for Saturday, and VNSO does the same. (This is what I like to call annoying and sucky.)
    – I’m told by VMS that we’ll be at VNSO for both Sundays (WL & St. Pat’s) with the possibility of getting Balboa for those days depending on rainouts, and “future baseball events”. (I’m air quoting here.)
    – I got the permit for VNSO Sundays March 10 and March 24 months ago.
    – I contacted VNSO in November about Saturday March 23. They said call back in January. I also contacted Balboa in November, and they said they can’t book days in March that far in advance. (This is not unusual. I’ve been hearing this every year for the past several years. And yet, I still try.)
    – January I contact VNSO again, and they say try back in February.
    – February I’m trying to find out if WL tourney will be at Balboa or VNSO. They say it depends on rain outs (of which there were very few.) Ultimately, WL is confirmed at VNSO. They’re still holding off on word about St. Pat’s. For the record, I should mention VNSO and Balboa NEVER (and when I say NEVER, I actually mean NEVER, as in NEVER EVER EVER) contact me to say “oh, thought you’d like to know about that request for March 23 you keep calling about”.) No, they never do this. So it means me having to keep bugging them all the time. But it’s a fine line. You don’t want to bug them too much, cause then they just hate you (although it seems they already hate us.) So I bug them occasionally, like every few weeks, and then maybe once a week, and then as it gets closer to March I get panicky.
    – About four weeks away from St. Pat’s, I check back in on Balboa. They say the fields are available starting 10AM. I fill out their form, and wait to hear back. I check in a couple times and leave messages.
    – About two weeks away from St. Pat’s, I call VNSO and I’m told they’ve put baseball tryouts on March 23. Thanks. So now it’s Balboa on Saturday, and still don’t know which park for Sunday.
    – VMS says we’ll be at Balboa on March 24 so long as it doesn’t rain during WL tourney weekend. It didn’t. So we’re confirmed for Balboa. I ask VMS to help out with getting the okay for Balboa on March 23. They say they will help. (What percentage of you think they actually did?)
    – It’s now the week after WL, I check in again on my application for Balboa. I’m now told that the field is available from 2pm on by Carlos. What happened to 10AM? Well, who told me that? Karina told me. Carlos says only HE can tell me. And Karina should never have told me that. Verbal war ensues. I eventually back down because I’m clearly not going to win this. So now the search begins for an alternate field.
    – Great lead on CSUN. Woman there says the fields should be available, but let me double check. That was Wednesday, March 14. Thursday she said she’d get back to me. She doesn’t. I check back in. No answer. No response. Friday I call and she’s gone all day Friday and Monday.
    – Tuesday morning, she says no go for CSUN. Fuck. Now we have no choice but to accept 2PM Balboa, or move to the beach. All other options that I know about were tried and failed. Not surprising really. It’s LA.
    – I call back Balboa to accept the 2PM offer. Now I’m told 2PM is off the table, and it’s only available starting 4PM. BTW, important to note Carlos, the guy who said only he can tell me yes on fields, he’s nowhere to be found. Every time I call he’s on an errand, and he never comes back. He’s the one who told me 2PM, and now I’m hearing through his minions that it’s actually 4PM.
    – Spike wants the permit in his hand (and who can blame him) so he brings a LAOUT check over to Balboa to get the permit. Done. 4PM it is.

    That’s how it all happened.

    I’m accepting requests for a new LAOUT Field Coordinator. The application process is pretty easy. If you want the job, it’s yours.

  4. Thank you, Andy, for an eloquent example of what my dad used to define as SNAFU — Situation Normal: All Fukked Up. You have the patience of a St.

  5. Wow! What a nightmare! Thank you for taking the time to let us know what happened. Thank you Andy and Spike for doing the best you can in a really shitty situation. Can’t wait for tomorrow to start the fun!

  6. Thank you all for the hard work that happens behind the scenes. And in front of the scenes. And in between the scenes. ROCKSTARS!!

    Simba is looking forward to attending his fourth St. Pat’s on this, the third anniversary of our rescue.

    ps. “St Bandit’s Hattie” has a certain ring to it, really ties the place together.

  7. Time to make St. Pats Hat a beach tournament!

  8. ^dislike

    i’m a grass fan, but i do take comfort in knowing we have beaches to reside to in case of emergency.

  9. ug, never beach again…

    I actually really enjoyed the late start with the party immediately afterwards. St Pats should be intentionally scheduled for late afternoon, early evening (but with four games, not three) next year

  10. I guessed it was something like this. Thanks for your diligence so we could play.

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