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St Pats Hat 2013

Mar 19th, 2013 | By | Category: Tournaments


LAOUT is proud to be continuing the St. Pat’s Hat tradition started by Mo in 1995. St. Pat’s is a coed hat tournament (each player signs up as an individual and is assigned to a team for the weekend). You must pre-register, pre-pay and bring your Irish cheer in order to play.


Saturday & Sunday March 23 & 24, 2013. Games begin at 4pm Saturday. Please arrive NO LATER THAN 3:30 to get your JERSEY, meet your teammates, and warm up.


Balboa Sports Center
17015 Burbank Blvd
Encino, CA 91316


Registration is NOW CLOSED! This means we’ve calculated the jersey ordres and them them to SAVAGE to be printed by the Leprechauns.


$45 per player. If you haven’t paid yet, please send an email to stpatshat (at) laout.org to work out payment details with Spike.


12 coed teams. Format will be 4 men 3 women if enough women register. Otherwise it will be 5 men 2 women.  (To be determined after registration is complete).


Specific Schedule and field layout will be uploaded soon. Games now start at 4pm on Saturday. Please arrive no later than 330.


UPA 11th edition are in effect, with the following additions/modifications:

1.     Footblocks are totally legal, except when marking Andy Bandit.

2.     Games to 13. Mirror half at 7.  Win by 2.  Cap at 16.

3.     Soft Cap. Signaled by one horn.  Finish current point then play to the highest score +2.

4.     Rule 4 is reserved for the clover.

5.     Hard cap.  Signaled by two horns ten minutes later.  Finish current point then only continue playing if the score is tied.

6.     One timeout per half plus one floater, no timeouts during overtime.  Overtime begins at 12-12.  Time outs are 90 seconds.

7.     The fields will probably be short, so the brick will be 15 yards instead of the usual 20.

8.     You may substitute up to two players during a time-out.

9.     Last year’s zone rules are back in effect.  Each team may play 2 zone points per game and no more.  So use them wisely.


1.     Your hat should be creative. You can wear a boring baseball hat, but expect to be heckled. Hard.

2.     Hat D’s are allowed.  But you know, be careful.  Hats are an extension of your body, so if you smack someone with your hat (or throw it into their backside) you may be on the losing end of a foul call.

3.     You are not an offensive player without your hat on your head.  If your hat falls off, you are now just really tall grass.  You can still get a D without your hat on, but make sure not to catch your D’s unless your hat is on your head, or else it’s an instant turnover.

4.     Sideline D’s will be allowed during finals on any team that leads by 3 points or more.


Field food and water (bring your own bottles) will be provided on Saturday and Sunday.


Thanks to DTW we will be having an accuracy contest available during your bye rounds. Report your scores to frisbee central to be eligible for a sweet prize.


There will be one close to the fields after the last round of Saturday games. There will be a bar tab. Irish beer will be consumed.


Full refund will be given to anyone who cancels their registration on or prior to February 28th.   No refund will be given after that.


Contact Spike and Criqet at stpatshat@laout.org

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  1. Thanks for a great weekend! I really enjoyed our team and every aspect of my experience was beyond expectation. Despite the sunscreen tank tops provided opportunities for sunburn, but this jersey will get a lot of use. Wouldn’t change a thing. Great idea to go reversible.

  2. Hi Andy, Spike and Criquet. I just want to thank you guys — loudly and publicly — for giving us all a GREAT St. Pat’s Hat. Organization, 10 of 10; spirit, 10 of 10. And the SHIRTS. My God, what a great idea. “One shirt to rule them all, one shirt to find them, one shirt to bring them all, and with a wrist-band bind them.” I’m not sure, but I think this may be the greatest innovation in human history since fire or the alphabet. I hope we do it this way every year. It makes things easier and less expensive, and doesn’t add to my wardrobe of “odd-colored shirts that I will not wear again in this lifetime.” Again, thanks to you all for your hard work and innovation. 10 of 10 of 10! -jv

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