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Summer League 2016

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Summer League FAQ
Link to 2015 Pages

Important dates:
– Wednesday, April 20 – registration opens
– Friday, May 13 – registration ends
– Sunday, May 15 – Co-ed lottery (to determine which guys make it into co-ed)
– Friday, May 20 – registration extension date (will cost more money, because it makes my life harder when you’re late)
– Tuesday, May 31 – Co-ed Division draft
– Wednesday, June 1 – Men’s Division draft
– Monday, June 6 – League starts
– Friday, August 5 – First Party Friday
– Friday, August 12 – Second Party Friday
– Saturday, August 20 – Tournament (Saturday) at Field of Dreams in San Pedro


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  1. Thursday June 2, 2016… To ALL summer-league team Captains (and to the s.l. chief organizer) Please do not wait until Sunday to e-mail or post the summer-league schedule. Please post that info TODAY. This is Not just about curiosity. (Yes, like everyone else, I’m curious to find out what team I’m on). I need to know my summer-league schedule TODAY/THURSDAY so that I can begin to call & e-mail my co-workers to swap out work-shifts on nights that my team is playing in June. Whoever drafted me (Captain, oh my Captain) please take a quick moment TODAY-THURSDAY to e-mail me with our team schedule!!! Please don’t wait until the weekend!!! Thank you!

  2. good try Brian. But here we are on Saturday night still no word. Less than 48 hours notice for Monday teams is weak sauce.

  3. For the record my captain did email me last week and I somehow had deleted the email about what team I was on.

    So clearly user error. I can’t fault laout for me being incompetent.

    But I will give them 3% of being at fault for not posting the teams under the “rosters” tab. 🙂

  4. If the hero/villain poll had gone the other way, would we have had a hero themed league? If so, I would be impressed if there were a hero as brilliant as Pinky is as a villain – pretty unexpected but totally works.

  5. Wow I have to say whoever came up with these did a great job, this is very interesting. They’re like slight adaptions of shenanigans from pickup play, I love it! Man, you should have someone who makes the opponent think the ground is lava,and every pass for a point has to be a jump pass(pseudo greatest every shot).

    Really love gold’s ability to run. Id love to just grab the disc off a pull and run it like a punt return! *cough*trade me*cough*. Just kidding.

    Danzo’s ability reverser sounds scary, hopefully people take that decision in good fun. It’s kind of “I admit you’re right, but I’m gonna overrule it”

    Really digging this theme, please do more, it’s like a video game within a physical game.

  6. Does Pinky have to burn a time out to activate their reset power?

  7. No. I changed it. I decided that lessened their power too much.

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