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The Kids Are Alright

Feb 19th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

I learned a lot this week.  For example, I THOUGHT that my dad was the same guy I’ve been calling my dad for 44 years.  Turns out, I might be the spawn of Michael Cotter.

It’s possible that Cubby was actually the love child of his mom and Mike Bell.

Was Connie really the offspring of Steve Loh?

Should Alex Carey be calling Peebs papa?

Is MER a cyborg?

And how does it work with Alison and Meg?  I don’t even understand how that process plays out.

These are the questions you have to ask yourself after we saw yesterday’s Retro video.

Now I don’t know anything about myself anymore.  My whole life is a lie.

BUT…. this does explain why my new dad totally schooled me last night. Hand blocked me.  Skied me.  Caught multiple under cuts against me.  And using his wily dad ways, even boxed me out on a score by his teammate (and my possible uncle for all I know).

Last night’s game between Marshall and Retro contained a little of everything.  There was fun ribbing.  There was a little chippiness.  An illegal foot block by my team (and boy did I hear it on that one.)  A questionable end to the game, that played on anyway.  Teams agreeing to play 5-2 for one point.  Lots of dogs humping each others’ faces on the sidelines.

At one point, AJ got a hand block, but it bounced right to Licious, who unintentionally macked it over to Nate Warden.  Bing, bang, bong.  Oh, by the way, Retro added two ringers this week, including Nate Dawg.  I never included any rule on when you could add a player.  Just so long as you get in two league games to be eligible for the tournament.  And since Retro will have a bye the last week, the ringers both have to make next week’s game against Night’s Watch.  Duck, make sure to note it.

I heard Retro added the two guys for fear they’d be short on men.  Funny, they had like 10 guys there last night.  We had 7.  We were also running savage women, and Eileen was hurt for some of the second half but played through it.

Marshall won 15-10.  We actually started the game 6-0, so from that point on they won.  In the end, I’m just happy they didn’t replace the disc with a circular saw blade. That was a rumor.  Bloody hell!

Marshall is now 3-2, and plays Skeeter next Wednesday.  Retro falls to 2-3 and takes on Night’s Watch (3-2) next Thursday.

On the other field, it was Ninja Squirtles in a rematch with Skeeter.  Spike of Ninja proclaimed:

Skeeter is now 4-1.  They’ll play Marshall (3-2) next Wednesday.  Ninja Squirtles falls to 3-2.  They play Dumbledore’s Army (3-2) next Wednesday.

For the record, the standings that you see on line are now the current standings for the tournament.  Record is unimportant, as you can see.


Rooks (1-4) will get a rematch against Tarmac (2-3).  They lost the last game in Week 2 15-12.

Animal Style (5-0) plays Hungry Hydra (4-1).  This is a make-up game for the one they lost to rain.  They have never faced each other before.

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