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Topsy Turvy Standings

Feb 25th, 2016 | By | Category: Game Recaps, Winter League

The top four teams played each other in rematches last night.  Had Skeeter and Dumbledore’s Army – the 1 and 2 seeds going into play – both won their games, then everything would be right with the world schedule-wise and there’d be no conflicts really.  Then Skeeter and Dumbledore would play their scheduled game next week to determine who’s the 1 seed.

But things didn’t go according to plan.  Let’s start with the Ninja Squirtles vs. Dumbledore’s Army game.  Dumbledore handed Ninja the worst loss in their history when they played each other three weeks ago.  So how did it go this time?  A lot closer.  Here’s Spike with the gif version of his usual graphic recap:



Click on this and give it a couple seconds and it’ll start animating.

That is some work right there.  Spike went into next level s#!t for that one.

I got to watch the last couple points.  The 14-14 point was particularly long and riddled with multiple turnovers, and I think even included a drop in the end zone.

The win puts Ninja at 4-2.  Their final game is against Animal Style (6-0) on Tuesday.

Dumbledore drops to 3-3.  They WERE scheduled to play Skeeter in their last game on Thursday, but that has been changed.  They’ll now play Sky Life (2-2) instead.

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time to go into the Marshall vs. Skeeter recap.  Marshall held a 3 point lead for a good chunk of the game.  Stig was skying people as usual.  Annie Ngo was hitting every under cut for yardage.  Joe Forbes was dominating in the handle.  Remy scored several points.  A lot of the stuff you expect.

Marshall ended up winning 15-12.  Very excited Criqet came to support her ex-team on the sidelines. It has been determined that after a sample size of one, she is our good luck charm.

Marshall and Skeeter are now both 4-2.  So their opponents next Thursday have been swapped.  Marshall will now be playing Dumbledore’s Army (3-3) and Skeeter will now play Sky Life (2-2).  The reason for the switch is because I’m trying to balance the original tier one vs. tier two match-ups.  If we kept the original alignment, Dumbledore and Ninja would play one tier 1 team apiece, Marshall would play 2, and Skeeter 0.  So now each of the top 4 will end up playing one game against Kong, and one game against a tier 2 team.  (Dumbledore/Hydra, Marshall/Retro, Ninja/Animal, Skeeter/Sky Life)  And that will help even out the RRI as well, because it’s looking like RRI is going to be the decider for the final 1-4 seeds.


A good match-up expected between Retro (2-3) and Night’s Watch (3-2).  Retro is currently the 9 seed and Night’s Watch is the 10.  They have not faced each other before.

The other game is Kong (o-5) vs. Sky Life (2-2).  This is the current 6 seed against the 8.  They met in the tournament last year, in Quarters, and Kong bounced Sky Life into the B Bracket.  In the regular season, Kong topped Sky Life 15-8.

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