Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Suicide Squad vs Rooks

Suicide Squad played Rooks Wednesday night in a make-up game.  They played it on Balboa I believe, in what might be the swan song game at Balboa. Here’s Seth Gillum with the recap: WOW! Where to start. It was a hell of a game, and one of the grittiest first halves of ultimate games I’ve […]

0 Skeeter vs Dumbledore’s Army
0 Tsukemen and Women vs Retro

The first game of the year at Balboa was played last night.  Remember that gopher infested place?  Tsukemen and Women met up with Retro for the first time.  Here’s Andrew Bustle, T&W’s captain, with the recap: Playing at Balboa after playing on a beautiful turf field in Culver City was rough. It really makes you […]

0 Tarmac vs Rooks
0 Danzo Shimura vs Clarence Boddicker

No recap today, cause I just want to get you the final standings. Clarence Boddicker last night flew right past the all-time record for point diff with a 15-7 win last night, and have established the new record at +81!!!  I think that will stand for a long time. The Standings page is now accurate for […]

0 Time Trapper vs Copycat
0 Alpha Mimic vs Count von Count

No recap.

0 Vector vs T-1000

Second to last day of the season happened last night.  And a very good game between two of the top teams in the league. Here’s Vector co-captain Dot with the recap: This game lived up to the hype. Both squads had low numbers. I was sweating during the workday because I knew that, at most, […]

3 Darth Sidious vs Professor Zoom

Counting down the final days of the season. Here’s the recap from Stephen Thies of Darth Sidious: The night started off late. I personally hadn’t arrived to the park until about 8:20 and fields weren’t even set up yet. This was not a good sign, since I anticipated a hotly contested game for the poop […]

0 Poison Ivy vs Pinky

Counting down the final days of the season. Here’s Joy Park-Thomas of Poison Ivy with the recap: Ok, so last game of the regular season! Aaaaaand we have a total of three subs for the night. But it’s about the heart, not the numbers. Pink was also down a few key players, Zazu and Snatch […]