Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Sky Life vs Ninja Squirtles
0 Animal Style vs Tarmac

The final week of the season.  Just a little juggling left for seeding but you already know roughly where your team is gonna fall.  Let’s get to last night’s recap from Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney: It’s common knowledge that sequels are always better than the original.  Grease 2?  Genius.  Star Wars Ep 1?  JarJar was […]

0 Skeeter vs Dumbledore’s Army
1 Marshall vs Retro

Was I nervous when Retro was up 6-4 and had just scored 4 straight points and we were going upwind?  Yes, I was nervous.  On the sideline someone asked “When’s the last time Retro beat Marshall?”  And the answer was never.  So, I wasn’t excited to make history.  But it’s not like the games haven’t […]

2 After Party vs Animal Style

Turn up your audio.  Click on this link.  And then follow along with the words below from Joanna Whitney of Animal Style.  The 2016 Recapper of the Year is working hard for a repeat. To the tune of Party in the USA: I hopped out my car as CCHS With my bag and my cleats […]

0 Ninja Squirtles vs Sky Life

I don’t know how the tournament seedings are working.  I talked a little with Dan about it, but he didn’t send me the confirmed final way it’s going.  My best guess would be the top four seeds would have first round byes.  IF that’s the case, then the battle for the first round bye is […]

0 Tarmac vs Animal Style

The only time Animal Style faced Tarmac, it was in pre-quarters of the 2015 tournament.  Animal Style won that game.  So this was their first regular season meeting.  Let’s get the story from Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney: Last night Animal Style played Tarmac. It was a fast paced, nerve wracking game where many times I prayed […]

0 After Party vs Ninja Squirtles

After Party has been rockin’ a 4-0 record.  Ninja Squirtles came in at 0-4.  But of course the competition level they both faced was vastly different, which is why RRI had Ninja ahead by 400 points heading into the contest.  A win here could really sink Ninja’s season since we’re now over halfway through.  Let’s […]

0 Dumbledore’s Army vs Ninja Squirtles
0 Suicide Squad vs Animal Style

Animal Style nearly started off 0-3, and after a 7-0 run in their last game to keep that from happening, they’re trying to keep the momentum going.  They went up against free agent team Suicide Squad last night.  Here’s Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney with the recap: With the last of the superheroes dead and buried, the […]