Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Scoober Divers vs Semicreatively Named Team

Winter League tournament weekend is upon us.  Unfortunately, as of right now it’s saying scattered showers in Santa Clarita for Saturday.  But they may not start until the afternoon. This was an exciting game which was a rematch of our one loss in the league. In retrospect it probably didn’t have huge tournament bracket implications […]

0 Lunch Break vs RETRO
0 Marshall vs Tsukemen and Women

After failing to play this game, and then failing to reschedule this game on our own, it happened anyway thanks to Dynamic Scheduling. The Tsukepeople are coming, the Tsukepeople are coming! And you know they aren’t just coming, they are coming for you. First and most importantly, they let Marshall go blue for shirts. Marshall has […]

0 Scoober Divers vs Semicreatively Named Team

Very tight game from two of the rookie teams this year.  Let’s get right to it.  Here’s Mike Lichterman of Semicreatively Named Team: Great game all around. SNT breaks to start the game but scoober divers replies with a 1-4 run to 4-2 and then takes the lead at 7-4, looking to cement a solid lead […]

0 Skeeter vs Marshall

History was on the verge of being made.  You know how much I love records.  A Skeeter loss would mark the first time in Winter League recorded history when a team that won the tournament lost their first three games in the following season.  Never happened before. BTW, I say recorded history cause Winter League […]

2 Animal Style vs Lunch Break

Just letting you know there’s a few things I fixed in the below email.  Because sometimes people make mistakes and it’s not a big deal.  Unless you work at Fox and your mistake means a famous actor was upset by the clip you released to the SAG Awards, and then you have to spend your entire […]

0 Skeeter vs Ninja Squirtles
3 Chronos vs Apollo

There’s so much to get to today, there’s no time for an introduction.  Also, I still might be hungover from last night at Joxer’s.  I will say though, coolest bartender at Joxer’s.  Some old dude ordered a full glass of peach schnapps, and paid for it, but got offended by something (she wasn’t clear what […]

17 Athena vs Hades

The second to last game at Culver High was last night.  And as we have one game remaining there, next Wednesday the 26th, when everyone has to come out to Joxer’s for karaoke, it was a surprise to find out that for our last game, they’re pushing us onto a darker field.  The game between […]

1 Hermes vs Athena

I spent a great night last night with the teams that came out to Joxer’s to do some karaoke.  When you’re injured and can’t play, it’s great to get to do things like that.  I miss playing.  But I’m so pumped every night I get to hang out with peeps at the bar after. Klepto […]