Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Chronos vs Apollo
0 Athena vs Hades
0 Hermes vs Athena
0 Zeus vs Demeter
0 Poseidon vs Hades
0 Ares vs Poseidon
0 Athena vs Dionysus
1 Zeus vs Hera

We have another recap, from Zeus’ side.  This is Don Macatangay: We started the game hot, scoring the first two points and then using Rhea’s power and scoring again to make it 3-0.  We were up but we were starting to already look spent since we had limited subs in 2 extra men and 1 […]

2 Hestia vs Chronos

We’ve got a lot of recaps to go through today.  So not much pre-commentary from me.  This one is from Monday night.  We start with Crunchy of Chronos with another Crunchcap. Okay, before I post this, the Reedcap and Crunchcap did make me have to go through the list of people who’ve posted recaps in […]

2 Artemis vs Hephaestus

Summer League has always had Fridays, for as long as I can remember, and of course we parlayed that into Party Fridays the last couple years.  But amazingly, because of how we were able to book the fields we got, we just didn’t get any Fridays this year.  Well, we got one, and that was […]