Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Animal Style vs Lunch Break
0 Skeeter vs Ninja Squirtles
3 Chronos vs Apollo

There’s so much to get to today, there’s no time for an introduction.  Also, I still might be hungover from last night at Joxer’s.  I will say though, coolest bartender at Joxer’s.  Some old dude ordered a full glass of peach schnapps, and paid for it, but got offended by something (she wasn’t clear what […]

17 Athena vs Hades

The second to last game at Culver High was last night.  And as we have one game remaining there, next Wednesday the 26th, when everyone has to come out to Joxer’s for karaoke, it was a surprise to find out that for our last game, they’re pushing us onto a darker field.  The game between […]

1 Hermes vs Athena

I spent a great night last night with the teams that came out to Joxer’s to do some karaoke.  When you’re injured and can’t play, it’s great to get to do things like that.  I miss playing.  But I’m so pumped every night I get to hang out with peeps at the bar after. Klepto […]

0 Zeus vs Demeter

Don’t forget to check out Alex Carey’s mid-season power rankings here: Mid-Season Power Rankings For the second straight year, Alex gives his own team the best odds to win the tournament.  Gotta love people who do rankings.  Last year David Reed ranked the Villain logos.  Guess which team he gave the #1 spot to? Last […]

3 Poseidon vs Hades

You pretty much know the story.  Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus.  All bros.  But one of them got yanked in the Dickens. And what’s really cool about last night’s game, was that there are three undefeated teams remaining in Summer League.  Two of them played each other last night.  (It would’ve been cooler if Zeus was […]

1 Ares vs Poseidon

This is very exciting.  I don’t even want to lessen it with my trite words.  I’m just gonna get right to it.  The main event is Alex Carey’s recap below which you have to read.  But I want to start with Spike’s recap from Poseidon: Defender of the deep: the Kingfish fuzzy on this, but […]

1 Zeus vs Hera

We have another recap, from Zeus’ side.  This is Don Macatangay: We started the game hot, scoring the first two points and then using Rhea’s power and scoring again to make it 3-0.  We were up but we were starting to already look spent since we had limited subs in 2 extra men and 1 […]

2 Hestia vs Chronos

We’ve got a lot of recaps to go through today.  So not much pre-commentary from me.  This one is from Monday night.  We start with Crunchy of Chronos with another Crunchcap. Okay, before I post this, the Reedcap and Crunchcap did make me have to go through the list of people who’ve posted recaps in […]