Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

6 Artemis vs Hades

Final week of Summer League.  This is the week I’ll be giving you updates and reminders.  Like for example: UPDATE: Right now the weather report for Santa Clarita says 95º for this Saturday.  Woohoo, way down from the 103 it was listing last week.  If that keeps up, then games will be back to 13. […]

1 Hermes vs Demeter

Before getting to the game, just wanted to open with results from last week’s Spiking poll and how they compared to the same exact poll I did seven years ago in 2010.  Cause it’s interesting. Q.  How does LA feel about spiking? So LA has gotten more middle of the road.  The numbers who think […]

0 Aphrodite vs Chronos

Lots of discussion last night before the game of whether or not you could (or should) use the 2-point power on defense.  The discussion was based around trying to guess if Aphrodite would use the two-point power on defense to start the game to stop Chronos from using it on offense.  It was an interesting […]

11 Hestia vs Apollo

Hestia came into this game undefeated with the best point diff in the league.  In fact, nearly doubling the next highest point diff.  And yet, no love from the mid-season power rankings as Hestia was not listed as the top team to win the tournament as released this morning.  Possibly because it wasn’t a player […]

1 Demeter vs Hephaestus

I found this really interesting Pinterest page with small pieces of dialogue between Gods. Like this one between Demeter and Hephaestus: There’s a whole bunch of them at this Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/streakedwithink/mythology-legends-and-tales/ I’m not sure where these come from originally, but it’s interesting that someone’s writing them somewhere.  Some of them are pretty funny. That’s my recommendation for […]

3 Hestia vs Aphrodite

It’s kind of interesting to me that I played on a team with Dave Patton many many years ago,  and in Summer League I played on a team with Debi Patton, but so far, to the best of my memory, I haven’t played on any team with Dylan Patton.  It’s actually very similar with the […]

1 Artemis vs Hera

Instead of my usual start to recaps this season talking about Gods and Goddesses and their mythical history, I’m going to talk about the two recappers you’re about to read.  Artemis and Hera?  Yawn.  Let’s talk about Stephanie Hicks and Joanna Whitney. They are both 2016 LAOUT award winners.   Joanna was the Recapper of the Year, and already […]

5 Athena vs Dionysus

Sometimes this God stuff gets ugly: “At the direction of Hera, the infant Dionysus was torn to pieces, cooked, and eaten by the evil Titans. But his heart was saved by Athena.” – says a website. And sometimes, it’s very intriguing.  Like in this website: “Athena, being female, is the goddess of some very masculine […]

0 Poseidon vs Demeter

These two.  Poseidon and Demeter.  Not a very good history.  For those who read the recount of Demeter’s daughter Persephone getting stolen into the underworld by Hades (maybe I think last week’s Demeter recap?), here’s a little more of that story.  So Demeter was all pissed off about losing her daughter, as you would be, […]

1 Ares vs Hermes

This is now the third game of the year for Hermes.  Will I finally get to find out why Klepto and Kumbha were so excited about getting the Hermes name?  We’ll see.  I haven’t read the recap yet as I’m typing this. TOTALLY USELESS NON-FACT: I looked up Aries the Zodiac sign to see if […]