Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Skeeter vs Tsukemen and Women
0 Lunch Break vs Skylife
4 KAPOW! vs Tarmac

There’s a lot to get to here, so no need to hear my usual babble.  And besides, Lance pretty much does my job for me and gives you all the info I would’ve, so I can just sit back and read. So here is Lance Iliev of KAPOW!: With the 2018 winter league season coming […]

1 Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army

Great game last night between two teams who have played each other several times before, and so what more do you expect than a good old fashioned barn burner.  Here’s just SOME of the things that happened in the game:  This person was a huge beast on D.  She got a really awesome D from behind on […]

0 Marshall vs Skeeter

I was inspired by Amy Halvorsen’s idea to do a GroupMe recap, so I did one for Marshall’s game last night. I’m not adept enough to know how to stop the screenshot at exactly the right point, so you get the last few that didn’t have to do with the game.  Sorry.  Now you know Seth […]

0 Ninja Squirtles vs Dumbledore’s Army

Amy Halvorsen brilliantly came up with what may be the new way to do recaps.  Just get the whole team to write portions in your team GroupMe.  I’m inspired.  I’m gonna do that right now with Marshall from our game last night. That’s ANOTHER come from behind win for Dumbledore’s Army.  Look at the point […]

0 Lunch Break vs After Party
0 Animal Style vs Semicreatively Named Team

The first thing you’re gonna notice here, before you get into Joanna’s recap, is that the game ended on a tie.  You can see it at the top.  So I know what you’re saying to yourself.  “Damn Andy, that feels like there’s been a lot of ties this year?  I’ve been reading all the recaps […]

0 Scoober Divers vs Lunch Break

It’s Sunday morning.  Sitting in bed.  Two dogs at my feet.  Scratch that, one dog is on the floor.  Slacker.  Wife also in bed.  We’re a little hung over.  But it’s a perfect time to do some LAOUT stuff.  Who doesn’t do their best work at 9AM hung over on a Sunday?  So let’s get […]

0 Skeeter vs Dumbledore’s Army