Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 After Party vs Skylife
0 Dumbledore’s Army vs Ninja Squirtles
0 Tarmac vs TBD
0 Tsukemen and Women vs After Party
0 Semicreatively Named Team vs Rooks
0 Marshall vs Ninja Squirtles
0 Skeeter vs Dumbledore’s Army

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend, and whichever beach tournament you played in, I hope you partied like a rock star but saved a little for Winter League.  Week 2 y’all.  We’re starting with last year’s tournament champs Skeeter trying to get their first win of their title defense.  Here’s Andy Dunn of Dumbledore’s […]

2 After Party vs RETRO

We have a recap a little late.  This is from Tuesday night’s game.  But you know what?  Sometimes things take time to write.  For example, the LAOUT Awards.  I’m still working on the on-line version.  Two weeks late?  Maybe.  But patience is a virtue.  I’ve heard. Here’s Stephanie Hicks, winner of the 2017 Recapper of […]

2 After Party vs Tsukemen and Women

After Party switched their night with Retro, and played against last year’s B Division champ Tsukemen and Women on Thursday.  Here’s the recap from After Party’s Nate Warden and Stephanie Hicks: After Party Recap – Birthdays, Babies, and Bars. There’s a reason we call ourselves After Party and not Pregame… as Tsukemen and Women (defending […]

0 Lunch Break vs TBD

Two new teams played last night, and one of them doesn’t have a name???  I wasn’t sure if TBD was a temporary placeholder or actually the name of the team.  Perhaps Don can clear that up in his heavily gif’d up recap.  Here he is, The Other Donald, Don Macatangay: Hey y’all! Great game tonight […]