Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Suicide Squad vs Rooks
0 Retro vs After Party

Last day of the regular season.  It’s a been a great battle all year.  With lead changes and surprising twists.  It was really neck and neck the entire Winter.  Oh, I’m of course talking about the Stephanie Hicks vs. Joanna Whitney battle of the recappers.  Stephanie draws the last one of the year, but I […]

0 Skeeter vs Tsukemen and Women

We’ve got a recap of this game from Tsukemen and Women’s Chicago.  First recap, as far as a I know, that we’ve had from Chicago. The last game of the season was fun and spirited. Skeeter had some uncharacteristic turns in the first couple points but got going soon enough. Even with their smallish squad, […]

0 Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army

Ugh, that feeling when you know you just lost a first round bye.  I don’t go through this a lot.  Since I’ve run a lot of tournaments, and helped out a lot of others, the term First Round Bye doesn’t usually apply to me.  I’ve earned a few.  I just don’t get to experience the […]

0 Animal Style vs Rooks

Lots of games last night.  This is the third one I’m reporting on and there was even another one I still have to get to.  Was it Party Friday or something? Here’s the recap from Animal Style’s Joanna Whitney: Since the game last night was short. Like under an hour short. I’d like to take […]

0 Ninja Squirtles vs Tsukemen and Women

A game I was really curious about.  Tsukemen and Women and Ninja Squirtles were neck and neck in RRI coming into this game.  Here’s T&W’s Andrew Bustle with the recap: It was a cold, windy night at Rancho Cienega.  Tsukemen and Women won the toss and decided to start on defense.  And I have to […]

5 Tarmac vs Suicide Squad

Look at this, despite the incredible amount of rain we’ve been having this year – an amount that already topped the previous five years before February even began, and then February had the “Storm of the Season” – we clearly picked the right year to move to the turf fields.  No doubt last night’s games would […]

2 After Party vs Sky Life

I found out that Joanna of Animal Style used her Free Agent Lady Pool magic to play for After Party last night in their game against Sky Life.  And I was hoping for the epic joint Joanna/Stephanie recap.  (That they teased me with last week when After Party played Animal Style.)  But alas, Stephanie was […]

0 Skeeter vs Marshall

Here’s my best analogy for last night’s game between Marshall and Skeeter. Many of you probably saw the last season of the Amazing Race with Ultimate players Brodie Smith and Kurt Gibson.  In case you missed it, there was one episode where they had to race camels on bicycles. It was a two mile race. […]

0 Suicide Squad vs Rooks

The free agent team Suicide Squad played Rooks again for the second time.  Here’s the recap by Spaz of Suicide Squad: Halftime: 8-4 There was some second half confusion on the score where we score #11 twice. 8-4 half 10-4 11-4 Three point run 11-7 We score 11-7 Fuzzyness ensues Darkness covers half the field […]