Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Retro vs Skylife

Retro and After Party changed places last night.  Not sure why, but I’m guessing that it probably had something to do with the fact we all learned our first week’s game on Friday.  The first recap of the year comes from Retro’s Meg Hofner. Hucks and breaks And running galore; Precipitation threatening the air but […]

1 Marshall vs Dumbledore’s Army

Sorry this is late.  I’ve been busy y’all. Highlights of the Marshall/Dumbledore game. They made us go white.  I didn’t bring a white.  Cause I’m a rookie clearly.  Not the only one.  Several Dumbledore players lent us white shirts.  Who are we?  Have we played this game before? High level offense on a narrow field.  In […]

0 Hestia vs Hera
0 Ares vs Dionysus
1 Poseidon vs Hephaestus

Today’s update:  Santa Clarita weather report is a high of 93º for Saturday.  HALLELUJAH!!!  Last week it was forecasting 103 for Saturday and I was freaking out.  So much happier to see it dropped by 10º.  That’s gonna make a huge difference. Today’s reminders: All 10 powers are available to use on Saturday.  Same rules […]

5 Hermes vs Aphrodite

CHAOS is happening in Summer League.  Oh my God.  In the last few days, players are dropping out faster than members of the White House.  In the last hour alone, one team asked to disband completely before the tournament (the first time in my entire TDing career that a Summer League team asked that) and […]

5 Ares vs Hades

I love the goofy stuff that’s out there when you type in the name of any two Gods.  In this case, I found this silly image someone created about Ares and Hades. This is someone’s idea that if you COULD buy tiny action figures of Gods, this is maybe how it would work.  And things […]

4 Aphrodite vs Uranus

Of all the Gods and Goddesses, there’s no question that the best birth of all is that of Aphrodite.  If you haven’t heard yet, it’s pretty rad.  Uranus was a bad bad dude.  He battered his wife.  Harrassed his kids.    And one of them, sick of all the abuse, cut his johnson off with […]

1 Athena vs Hephaestus

Heading into this game, Grant Boyd and Jane Carlen were working on an extremely rare feat.  They went undefeated in Winter League with Skeeter.  And were now winless in Summer League with Hephaestus.  Winless in one.  Undefeated in the other.  I had to wonder, had that ever been done before?  So I poured through the […]

0 Zeus vs Dionysus

Hold the phone!!!  This is breaking news.  Extra, extra, read all about it. Did you know Dionysus is not even a full God???  He’s a demigod.  The only one of the 16 teams.  His father was Zeus, but his mother was Semele, a total muggle.  Things did not go so well for Semele.  After getting […]