Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

3 Animal Style vs After Party

This is all I got for a recap from this game.  It comes from David Reed of Animal Style: Adam Sutherland 1st half: Adam Sutherland 2nd Half: I’m not sure how you can be more clear that that. I’m sure you’ve heard already that Winter League is moving to an hour earlier on Saturday.  This […]

0 Rooks vs KAPOW!

Pretty much everything I would’ve said about this game as a prologue to the recap is already mentioned in the recap.  So let’s get right to it.  This is Lance Iliev of Kapow! As we found out on the last edition of the KAPOW! post-game recap, some stats were recorded wrong. So hopefully that’s not […]

0 Scoober Divers vs Tarmac

Scoober Divers is trying to keep pace with Semicreatively Named Team.  Both of these newcomers have shot onto the scene in a big way.  SNT is 5-1-1, and SD came into this game 4-1-1.  Let’s see how they fared against Tarmac.  Here’s Sonja Roden: Ahh Wednesday night in the Valley, it’s a lovely place except […]

0 Rooks vs Skylife
0 Animal Style vs Tsukemen and Women
3 Kapow! vs TBD

Kapow! may have started off 1-3, but they have a very decent shot at matching their personal record for most wins in a season, which is 4 from 2015.  They went 4-4 that year.  A win from last night gets them to 2-3.  Let’s hear from Lance Iliev on how it went. February 14th. Valentines day. […]

1 Scoober Divers vs Skylife

Before I write what I’m about to write, you should all know that I never mean anything malicious in the stats I report.  I’m just fascinated with history and records, and I always have been.  I find all manner of stats entertaining and sometimes that means highlighting positive records, and sometimes negative one.  Because it’s all […]

1 Dumbledore’s Army vs Retro
0 Animal Style vs Skylife

Last night we had a rematch of the C Bracket finals from last year’s tournament.  Which actually shows a little bit of the shift in times.  Two years prior to that, in 2015, Animal Style and Sky Life nearly met in the B Bracket finals.  Both were eliminated in semis, and I don’t know if […]

0 Tsukemen and Women vs Skylife

It’s Saturday morning. I’m in Big Bear. I’m super hung over. I’m drinking water. Erin is taking a bath and nobody else is up yet. Except Robin is outside doing yoga because, of course. So let’s post a recap. Here’s Kristi Lin with her recap from Tsukemen vs. Sky Life. This week’s game was a […]