Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Scoober Divers vs Rooks
0 KAPOW! vs Semicreatively Named Team
0 KAPOW! vs Scoober Divers

Scoober Divers is finally getting their first game in.  They are one of the new teams this year.  And as Lance Iliev will explain, there’s a lot on the line in this one: Of any of the teams playing this Winter League, KAPOW! and Scoober Divers will probably have the worst blood, most sarcasm, best […]

0 Animal Style vs TBD

Top three things on Wikipedia that are alternate meanings for TBD: 3) Torpedo Boat Destroyer – a type of naval vessel invented in the late nineteenth century, the fore-runner to the modern naval destroyer 2) Triazabicyclodecene – organic soluble very strong base for various catalytic organic reaction 1)  The airport code for Timbiqui Cauca, Columbia Consider yourself […]

0 KAPOW! vs Rooks

When we last saw Kapow!, it was 2016.  They had beaten the Rooks in a 12v13 play-in game before losing to Sky Life in C bracket semis, and then kapoof, they were gone for 2017.  But they’re back again this year.  They do have a long history with Rooks.  Prior to that play-in game, they […]

0 Animal Style vs Tarmac

Tarmac and Animal Style played each other twice last year.  Tarmac barely squeaked out the first one in OT 17-16.  But Animal Style got their revenge with a 15-8 win 18 days later.  It was the last game of the season for both teams, and so it was very fitting they would start the season against […]