Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams

0 Athena vs Zeus
0 Chronos vs Uranus

Final recap before tomorrow.  This is your final Crunch Cap of the year: WELCOMEEEE BACKKK HOES TO ANOTHER CRUNCH CAP FUR ALLL UR SUMMUR LEAGUE DEETZ! On the third night of the eighth month in the year two thousand seventeen vaguely around the twentieth hour took place ANOTHER ULTIMATE BATTLE of the frisbee kind between […]

0 Poseidon vs Hera

We enter the final week of the season by going a little bit backwards to last week.  Writers need a little time, and I’m always happy to give some time to Stephanie Hicks of Hera. First though, here’s the recap from Spike of Poseidon: The creature of the deep is the one that got away. […]

2 Hestia vs Artemis

Boy, if you want to see 500 photos of pretty much exactly the same thing, then get on Google and type in Hestia Cosplay, and scroll down and down and down.  But I wouldn’t do this at work where any of your coworkers could walk by. This is because Hestia is an anime character, and […]

0 Ares vs Apollo

Most interesting headline I found when looking up Ares and Apollo: Apollo Said to Be in Talks to Sell Chuck E. Cheese Chain to Ares Yeah.  That’s right.  Apollo Global Management LLC, a 27 year old asset management company who owns Chuck E. Cheese, is in talks with Ares Management LP, a 20 year old […]

3 Hermes vs Hera

In the 1997 Disney movie Hercules, Hermes voices by David Letterman’s sidekick Paul Schaffer, has this scene with Hera. I haven’t seen the movie in a long time, so I’m guess since he’s the messenger God, he’s bringing them from someone else.  According to myth, Zeus used Hermes to distract Hera from all his mistresses. […]

1 Ares vs Hera

Battle of the shortest names of Gods.  Except that Zeus is also a four-letter name, and Zeus did play Hera earliest this year, so it’s tied for the game with the shortest names. Area and Hera are also just one letter away from being palindromes of each other. And if you combined their names together, […]

0 Dionysus vs Hades

Never in Summer League history have two teams finished the season undefeated.  And it would only be amazing if they faced each other in the finals.  Hestia and Hades were both undefeated coming into last night’s games, and although it’s only a little more than halfway through the season, a boy can hope. Here’s Chris Park-Thomas […]

0 Apollo vs Demeter

This is the Temple of Demeter.  It was dedicated to both Demeter and Apollo.  It sits in Sangri, Greece on the island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea.  Naxos is 166 square miles, making it equivalent in size to New Orleans.  You can do a cruise around the Greek Islands, including Naxos for 45 euro a […]

1 Hades vs Uranus

I read on a site recently that the most common time people look at Facebook is 3pm on Wednesdays.  They say it’s amazingly consistent every week.  Now, to be truly honest, it was 3pm EST on Wednesdays, meaning noon here.  But that’s splitting hairs. I’m gonna release this recap on 3pm today because Chris Park-Thomas […]