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What’s at stake tonight?

Aug 3rd, 2017 | By | Category: Summer League

It’s a very exciting day for SoCal Ultimate.  Beach League registration opened today.  https://apm.activecommunities.com/santamonicarecreation/Activity_Search/60932

But that’s not all.  Lei Out 2018 was also announced, back on MLK weekend, with a new venue in Huntington Beach, and a party venue that can fit 10,000 people.

But that’s STILL not all.  Later today will be an announcement for a Beginner’s clinic in a couple weeks.  Don’t want to give the details here yet until it’s up.  But know that’s coming.

God, all that on one day.  It really makes me want to open registration for Lucky 7’s today (November 4 & 5, shameless plug.)  But I’ll wait cause there’s already so much going on.

Tonight, there’s four final games in Summer League.  Two in Mid-City.  Two in Van Nuys.  Let’s take a look at what’s at stake.

HestiaHESTIA VS. HeraHERA at Rancho Cienega

Hestia has already locked up the #1 seed, having clinched the regular season title last week.  But they still are playing for an undefeated season, and as I love to keep saying, no team in Summer League history has ever won every single regular season game and the tournament.

This would also be the first time that rookie captains helmed a team that won every single game.  Although it’s worth noting Haynes Brooke was a first time captain in 2003 when Ice Gray went 8-0-1.  And Rachel Noble led Lint Gray to a 7-0 record in the only Spring League, the pre-cursor to Summer League.

For Hera, a loss would put them in the conversation for a first round bye, but on the underside.  There’s three teams that can get a first round bye on the bottom.  Demeter at 3-6, Hera at 3-5 and Uranus at 3-5.  Should Hera and Uranus tank their game to get the first round bye?  It’s been discussed.  But I should note the poll from five years ago when I asked if it’s okay to tank a regular season game to get a more desirable situation at the tournament.  63% of respondents said no.  Of course that means 37% said yes, which is higher than I would’ve expected to be honest.

If Hera and Uranus both win or tie, Demeter will have the first round bye.
If Hera loses and Uranus wins or ties, Hera gets the first round bye, because Demeter holds the tie-breaker over Hera (head-to-head).
If Uranus loses and Hera wins or ties, Demeter gets the first round bye, because Uranus holds the tie-breaker over Demeter (record against common opponents)
If Hera and Uranus BOTH lose, then it will come down to point diff.  Because Uranus did not play either Hera or Demeter during the regular season, but Hera did play Demeter so the tie-breakers are not even.  So overall point diff becomes the decider.  In that case, it would be between Hera and Uranus for who loses their game by a greater score.  That team would then get the first round bye.  But remember, 63% of people oppose tanking games on purpose.

DionysusDIONYSUS VS. AresARES at Rancho Cienega

Dionysus is playing for the final first round bye, but the good kind, where you win to get it.  Hestia, Hades and Poseidon have already secured three of the four first round byes.  That leaves Dionysus and Chronos with a chance for the final one. Basically, if Dionysus wins or ties, it’s theirs.  If they win, they become the #2 seed by virtue of their win over Hades, and Hades’ win over Poseidon.  If they tie, they’re the #4 seed.

Dionysus can still get the bye even with a loss, if Chronos ties or loses.  But if Dionysus loses and Chronos wins, Chronos gets the #4 seed and the first round bye, because they hold the tie-breaker, record against common opponents.

For Ares, it’s simply a case of trying to finish with a winning record.  They’re at 4-4 with no chance for a first round bye either way.

ChronosCHRONOS VS. UranusURANUS at Sepulveda Basin

Too bad Chronos and Dionysus are playing on separate fields.  It would be great to know what’s going on in the other game.  For Chronos, it’s very simple.  In order to win the first round bye, they have to win, and Dionysus has to lose.  For captain Dan Oettinger of Chronos, he’s also trying to avoid tying his lowest record as a captain.  That was in 2013 with the UNC Wilmington Seahawks, and it’s important to note he was injured during the season and replaced for the last few games that year.

For Uranus, it’s a similar situation in reverse.  And they’re on the other field from Hera, so they won’t know what’s going on there either.  I feel Alex Carey needs to come to Rancho Cienega tonight and live stream the games there.  Obviously.

You can go back up and look at the Hestia vs. Hera game to see how the scenarios play out in Uranus and Hera’s games.

Poor Uranus.  They’ve lost half their roster for the tournament and will have between 5 to 6 replacements on Saturday.

AthenaATHENA VS. ZeusZEUS at Sepulveda Basin

Not as much on the line for this game.  There’s no first round byes to be obtained for either team.

For Zeus at 4-4, it’s just about getting a winning record.

For Athena at 3-4-1, it’s just about getting to an even record.

Also, if you’re worried about playing undefeated Hestia sooner rather than later, there’s also the matter of staying out of the 8 or 9 seed.  Lots of teams in play for those two seeds, so too many scenarios to play out here.  But of course, some people have pointed out that Hestia did not play any of the other top four teams, so we’ll see how strong they really are in the tournament.

I can’t wait.  I’m gonna go out to Rancho Cienega tonight to watch the games.  It’s exciting!!!

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  1. any mention of my name necessitates a comment from me. so here it is, im doubling down on our odds to win, we used to be 4-1, now its 2-1.

  2. wheres the like button, because that comment is on fireeee.

  3. Interesting scenario here setting up the potential for a Poseidon v. Hera rematch in tournament round 2 (1st game for each) at #4 v #13. Hera won the game last week, so the upset possibility is huge. Hera could be the most dangerous team to face right now winning 3 of their last 4 (including wins over Poseidon and Dionysus).

    Of course, if they are that dangerous, they could win this one tonight over Hestia. In that case, I’m just hoping they fall into the #12 seed and stay in the upper half of the tournament bracket where hopefully Hades won’t have to face them until (and IF) both get to the finals.

  4. ^but seriously, Hera is now a matchup nightmare for most teams. I went from thinking my team had the the best top 7 to thinking now Hera has the best top 7.

  5. http://imgur.com/68VDulh

    poseidon coming at cha.

  6. Well, Hestia did beat Hera last night. Hera played well and it was close. Hestia was missing 2 women and 4 men and I’m not sure who Hera was missing but they did have Brandon. Unfortunately I don’t have time today to write a recap with all the details and I couldn’t get anyone else to do it.

    I went into captaining very reluctantly as Andy can tell you but I actually quite enjoyed it and would do it again. I have to say tho, my team made it fun and easy. Our attendance rate was very good and consistent each week which in Summer League can really change the dynamics of what you think you have walking away from the draft and the team you actually field each week.

    Tomorrow should be interesting. Can’t wait to see how things shake out!

    Good luck everyone!

  7. Now accepting applications to take Alex Carey’s spot in my baggage for next summer league…

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