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Letter from LAOUT Board President, Christi Betz


Hello frisbee friends!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from us, so we wanted to let you know what we’ve been working on. 

Previously, the board was structured with one or two directors leading a specific department or area of responsibility. This new iteration of the board decided to split up the members into teams to oversee the main areas of activity and tagteam each department as a group instead of assigning titles. However, as a non-profit organization, we are still required to have the President, Secretary and Treasurer positions filled. Here’s a breakdown of everything:

Christi Betz
Treasurers: Chelsea Baldemor & Elliott Lamborn
Secretary: Jackson Dolan

– Membership, Insurance, Finance, and other misc needs
Elliott Lamborn, Chelsea Baldemor, Alison “Buster” Yoho, Greta Becker, Grant Boyd, and Christi Betz

Club/College – Coordination with LA Club and College teams
Jackson Dolan, Alison “Buster” Yoho, Grant Boyd, Christi Betz, and Greta Becker

Communications – Newsletters, Social Postings, General Updates to the Community
Elliott Lamborn, Greta Becker, Chelsea Baldemor, Grant Boyd and Christi Betz

Competition – Leagues and Tournaments
Jackson Dolan, Alison “Buster” Yoho, Linda “Skipper” Venema, Christi Betz, Grant Boyd, and Greta Becker

Equity – Will be closely integrated into all other teams
Linda “Skipper” Venema, Chelsea Baldemor, Grant Boyd, Christi Betz, and Greta Becker

Events – Parties, Clinics, Fundraisers, etc.
Linda “Skipper” Venema, Grant Boyd, Christi Betz, and Greta Becker

*Note: Greta, Grant and myself are listed on all of the teams as we will be moving around wherever needed. 

Since our new board members joined us back in October, we’ve been working on restructuring, setting goals, and participating in equity training with Both/And Consulting. Our revised goals aren’t quite ready to share yet, but in the meantime, here are a few of the other things we’ve been working on: 

  • Do you want to help make LAOUT a more equitable space? Do you miss the LAOUT Anti-Racist Newsletters? Get involved by joining our Equity committee! Sign up and we’ll add you to the list to get updates when we schedule our first meeting.
  • How do we know when it’s safe to play? What does safe playing look like? What can we do in the meantime? If you’ve been thinking about any of those questions lately, you should join our Return to Play committee! Sign up and we’ll add you to the list! We’ll send out a Zoom link prior to the meeting.

Looking forward to seeing you soon! Stay safe!

Christi Betz
LAOUT Board President

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