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Our final recap from the backlog is covering the Plenty of Boba in the Tea vs After Party game. After Party went into the game undefeated, and clearly you can see the score at the top of the page, so it’s no secret that Boba pulled off an upset going into this game with their own 1-2 record. Here are the details from Boba’s Ben “Chain” Aiga.

After a tough loss to the undefeated team Deez Nauts, Boba now had to play another undefeated team in After Party.

We knew we were in another battle tonight with a speedy and talented team. As we gathered we made some adjustments from the previous game, but we really committed to playing hard and playing smart.

I also want to say, playing After Party is such a blast, it was fun and spirited with good people. They are a strong team and with a friendly competitive attitude that was awesome.

Thanks After Party for that!

Despite our nerves facing a strong team a chill wind was blowing; maybe it was a sign of things to come.

Perhaps we were buoyed by our new uniforms or just a chance to prove we could go the distance we came in with a positive fire that was nice to see.
Game time, both teams play hard from the get go. We are trading points like hot potato.
After Party starts to put on the jets with their speed and ferocity and are up 6-4 at one point, and took half at 8-6 or maybe it was 8-7. Having to guard X, Devin, Hudson, Erwin et al is like chasing a wisp of a wind, they were all over the field teleporting like Nightcrawler from Xmen
Also Samantha can catch everything thrown at her, it was wild, her hands were like glue.
At halftime, Boba regrouped and talked about coming out with intensity (as our previous second halves have not been so great). We jumped around literally
After half we came out blazing, we forced so many turnovers and ran like hell.
We traded points for a bit but pulled away at the end with a final score 15-12. I have too many people on the team to shout out but everyone played a huge role in this turn around against a good team. Jo and Megan making plays and shaking off mistakes, boy Joe with the chilly handles, Luke and Ryan our young studs, Anna and Nicole busting up the field dangerously. Skittles always open under. Pat and Sara our wonder couple. Mike and Mike playing hard and doing what needs to be done. Taka playing so smart all the time. I do have to give a special call out to Andrew. He recently moved here and I played with him at pickup and thought he seems like a decent handler let me pick him up for winter league.
He’s been great, a vocal leader and steady handler in the back that we needed. (His dog Winston too!) We also get a good crowd cheering us on!
Thanks everyone. What a great game and great fun with our friends After Party. I’m so proud of the team after a tough loss last week to turn it around. Our cheers are improving, my public speaking not so much haha
Let’s keep it rolling!

EXCELLENT use of GIFs! As soon as I read “…chance to prove we could go the distance…” I had the Hercules song pop into my head and of course Chain delivered. AND you included an extra pic of your sweet sweet new jerseys?? Nicely done!

Plenty of Boba in the Tea is now 2-2 and will go up against Retro (2-1) on Monday.

After Party (3-1) will face off against Whiskey Discs (0-3) on Tuesday. PS – Tuesday is March already?! Holy moly!

Anywhooo… send me more recaps and I’ll post them eventually!

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