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I’ve realized now that the recaps are going up out of chronological order, but I post them in the order I receive them. This game of After Party vs Retro took place before the Boost It! vs Retro game, and I just posted that recap a few minutes ago. I’m sure you’re all very concerned with this, so good thing we’ve cleared that up! Okay, without further ado, here’s the After Party vs Retro recap from Castro

Welcome back to this week’s episode of Shaqtin’ A Fool. This week’s episode stars After Party’s own Joel Trager. With our first game in the Valley, we have a special appearance from Joel’s wife Allison, who was gifted everyone’s jackets to keep her warm on the sidelines.

Thursday night was a cold and windy night in the Valley and Retro were short in numbers. To begin the game, Retro started on O with 3 men and 2 women and scored the 1st point of the game (wait what?). After Party came back on O and tied it 1-1. Drea finally shows up for Retro to get 3 ladies on their line. With wind comes Zone D, along with some questionable throws.

Retro’s zone frustrated After Party but Arista was able to torch it with great handler resets and big hucks to Hudson and X. After Party takes half 8-2. In par with our recent games, After Party tends to let teams come back in the 2nd half. Unlike the first half, Retro’s zone started to force D’s and unforced turnovers.

And that leads to After Party’s play of the game. If you read last week about Erwin’s traveling then you know the play is more a lowlight than a highlight. Joel was looking for Sam on an upline dump and T-Rex’d the throw straight to the turf. On the ensuing possession After Party was able to get a D with X streaking deep looking for a huck. Joel picks up the disc and sees X deep and decides to throw an OI backhand which hangs too long causing X’s defender to D it (feel like it was a foul but he didn’t call it).

Later in the game Joel was going for a 50/50 ball with the disc hanging a little too long and dropped the disc. Luckily for all of us, Allison was filming when it happened (she laughed so loud).

All jokes aside, Joel and After Party played a great game. We were patient with our Zone O, taking what the defense gave us. It was a great test for our team as we will be seeing Deez Nauts next week who have been playing a lot of zone. Additionally, great game by Retro who were short handed and still made it very competitive. They won the 2nd half 8-7 for a final score of 15-10.


I gotta say, I kinda love how the After Party recaps turn into roasts of their own players.  These are recaps after my own heart. But also, way to go Retro taking half with no subs!

This game brought After Party up to 5-1. They’ve since played Deez Nauts this past Monday. I’ve been told a recap is coming but I haven’t received it yet, so I won’t spoil their current standings here.

Retro was 4-2 after this game and their next game was against Boost It! Here’s a link to that recap for those who want to follow along. 

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