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Busy day today, but I wanted to get this recap out from the After Party vs RETRO game last night. Chris has more details to share about the Balboa fields.

Short recap from me and some screen grabs from our GroupMe.

Advice for Balboa games. Talked to the field manager pregame who assured us the lights would be on last night. A bit after 8 the lights went out. Make sure you talk with them about WHICH lights to keep on so you can set up the field in the right spot and possibly kick the unsanctioned soccer players off the field. There were two games last night and we found the best spots were right up next to the office, and right next to the parking lot parallel to Balboa blvd. For the latter fields, the space was kind of hard but mostly flat and I think everyone found it to be a decent field, at least better than most spaces. With that said, at one point I threw a tennis ball for Lexi to chase near the center of Balboa (away from our field) and it dropped straight in to a mole hole to disappear forever like a Steph Curry swish.

AP started the game on D and got a break. We traded points mostly to 5-5 and then AP went on a tear to take the next 7 points (12-5). I think the tides changed in our favor when Thomas hustled on defense right off the pull and made a crazy horizontal layout Callahan on the first throw right off the pull. It was incredible and he followed it up later in the game with another crazy layout in the back of the end zone to catch the trailing edge of a huck. He had a few goals and a few Ds and overall had a spectacular game.

Other notable moments are mentioned in the GroupMe snapshots but I gotta hand it to our ladies for playing incredibly solid offense and incredibly tight defense despite our low numbers. And I don’t know what goes on after the cleats come off but at one point Jeni said something like “I WANT THE LEMONADE ALL OVER ME” and it was something! This was around the time of her back-to-back bookends so whatever works works!

After Party is 3-0-1 and will play Whiskey Discs (0-4) on Tuesday.

RETRO is 1-3 and will play Rooks (3-1) on Monday.

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