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Next up is our first recap from After Party this season. And it includes GIFs! (I see someone has been doing their homework.) Last Tuesday night, they played against Whiskey Discs. Here’s the animated scoop from After Party’s new captain, Ryan Castro.

After a tough loss last week, After Party had to do some soul searching.

It wasn’t about X’s and O’s, but getting back to our roots “Winning the Bar”. After Party was built on this foundation and we were letting down our namesake for the first few weeks of the season. With that finally settled, we can actually focus on our game against Whiskey Discs.

The game was a grind for both teams, as we each turned the disc on multiple occasions. One marathon point included at least 5 turns from each side. To say it was a clean game would be an understatement. Whiskey Discs made us earn every point, and if not for a few turns on their half of the field, the half would have been a different story. In the end, After Party took half at 8-1.

With renewed confidence, After Party decided to run some zone d but not to much success as Whiskey Discs were able to break our zone with nice hucks beating our deep deep. We decided to scrap the zone for now and finished the game with nice flow, dump swings, and break throws on offense to the final score of 15-4.

The play of the game goes to Erwin, not for something amazing but for traveling his way into the endzone. Erwin and Hudson were working up the field with give and go’s for the score with some questionable steps by Erwin. If there was an ultimate version of Shaqtin’ a Fool, he would have made the cut.

In true After Party fashion, we had 100% team attendance at the bar and were able to get some members of TBD and DA to join us for some post game drinks at Tavern on Brand.

Another interesting zone choice in these recaps with After Party throwing it while up 8-1. But major props to Whiskey Discs for breaking that up and still scoring on them. Nicely done.

Also, I will admit that I had no idea what “Shaqtin’ a Fool” meant, but the GIFs definitely helped. Nice try Erwin. You know it’s bad when your own team calls you out for it in the recap.

After Party, now 4-1, will match up against Retro (2-3) next Thursday.

And Whiskey Discs (0-4) plays against Deez Nauts (3-1) on Monday. The two teams with the most questionable name choices finally get to face off. The real question is, will there be a recap?

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  • Jeremy

    March 3, 2022 at 8:22 am

    In fairness to After Party, we only threw a zone after Whiskey Disc’s threw one on us the previous point!


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