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Stephanie Hicks of After Party always writes great recaps. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it to the game last night. David Reed (of the infamous ReedCaps) was there cheering from the sidelines, but alas, he said the ReedCap is retired and needs to be passed on to a new author. Enter Jeni Kwok.

I got this facebook message from Jeni last night at 12:20am. And as much as I wanted to edit it to make it a little easier to read (add a few periods, maybe a paragraph break or two…), I felt that I needed to uphold the integrity of this JeniCap. Enjoy.

Jeni’s stream of consciousness for Monday night I actually had a cheer to contribute – mother ditch, lets go get a pitch-er of beer how’s that for a cheer hehehe but it got shot down sad face but the final cheer was good too so whatever I just won’t contribute anymore then we went to joxers and sweas and I had a moms night out beer and wine I just need a glass more like half a glass and let’s get the party started jeni in the house I ate some of Lu’s fries but they weren’t crispy enough so I had a wing from Thomas instead and I didn’t like the cheese sticks thank goodness pat is dd for the night and thanks Johnny for letting me play and putting jack to sleep lu missed out on a table dance from me twenty bucks is a steal oh well your loss I told reed to write our recap so he better have submitted something because this is just the barcap obviously as we are after party not party zm was super fun to play even though I only knew a couple of the players it was windy and reed missed a block as a goalie from his pregnant sister haha you go gurl moms rule and jack stayed asleep so there Christi but I love you and thanks seth for incepting wine into my brain tonight early day tomorrow because jack says so and did I mention it will be my birthday on Thursday christi said field was double booked but it confused me as why would we book the field twice but then I realized it was a different sports team I guess diversity is good it builds spirit and we all need spirit of the game it’s why we all play and respect each other and i really wish my hammie would stop being injured sigh can I get a squirtle Jersey it doesn’t have to be blue I just love squirtles and jack has the cutest turtle he says turtur or tutu oh and chloe get better don’t eat chocolate that’s for humans some humans anyway as I can take it or leave it never understood the fascination WHEN WILL MY BRAIN SHUT OFF I should stop now ok bye

I think this recap really stands on it’s own. One thing I will say is that I believe “let’s get the party started jeni in the house” was a direct quote from Jeni herself while she was sitting at the bar.

Extra thanks to Pat for being Jeni’s DD and allowing for this magical recap to happen.

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