TournamentAngel City Women’s Beach Hat Tournament

Purpose**: To create an annual women’s hat tournament focused on connecting new and experienced ultimate players in LA. We will promote a fun, competitive, and safe atmosphere where athletes who are new to the sport can play alongside and learn from experienced women.

What: 4v4 Beach Ultimate (with a 10-second stall count) — see this video as an example of high level beach play
Expect to play 4 games, plus enjoy a fun and positive learning environment for women in ultimate to connect and enjoy playing at beautiful Santa Monica Beach! Since the games will be focused on learning and developing newer players, we encourage more experienced players to help play and encourage younger women in Ultimate as well as connect everyone to valuable resources in the LA community for growth.

Who: Everyone is welcome to attend, but as a women’s hat tournament only those identifying as women are eligible to play!

When: Saturday, October 6th, Approximately 10am-5pm

Where: Santa Monica Beach, closest address: 3400 Barnard Way, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Extras: Field Water, (bring your own water bottles for refills), trash bags, and light snacks will be provided at Tournament Central. Hats are NOT required but encouraged so as to not limit or discourage anyone from attending. Hat tournaments sometimes require hats or have special rules regarding hats, but that is not a requirement for this tournament. However, if you wish to wear one, creative hats are encouraged, and you are welcome to wear any form of hat including visors, baseball caps, trucker hats, etc. The name “Hat” tournament also can refer to how teams can be formed by “drawing” names from a hat. Although we will use advanced math and Pythagorean theorems (or something like that) to create balanced teams. 🙂

Also please note that there is food for purchase at Santa Monica beach, and you’re welcome to bring food.

Costs: ZERO for rookies, and FREE for all others with a donation of clean and usable Ultimate athletic jerseys (or a $5 donation without a jersey donation to be collected day of the event and proceeds will go towards future LAOUT Gender Equity Committee initiatives).
Regarding Jersey Donations: Jerseys will be donated to the newbies attending the event who likely do not own any ultimate apparel. Please feel free to bring multiple jerseys and give generously! All jerseys will be donated to players on site and if any leftovers, they will be donated to college captains in our community.

Alcohol: No alcohol is permitted on the beach. If you choose to ignore this rule then please use discretion and know that there are officers including plainclothes officers and you may be at risk by drinking on the beach.

Party/Casual Hangout After: To keep costs low for all registrants there will not be an organized or sponsored party, however there will be a recommended venue that will be suggested where Angel City hat can continue the fun! There will be more info here in the future and an email out to registrants with more details.

How: Sign up HERE!


Generally will be normal beach 4v4 ultimate rules (including no footblocks or attempted footblocks and all pulls must be inverted) using BULA/WFDF rules, but some minor exceptions will be made to make the game more friendly for newer players (such as 10 second stall for 4v4). Also, games will be played to a timer rather than a score value so as to create more equal playing opportunities. Details and any exceptions to normal rules will be stated at the captains meeting and emailed to registrants for the tournament.

Questions: Contact Lauren Hill and Daniel Smeltzer:

**This hat tournament is an initiative of LAOUT’s Gender Equity Committee

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