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Animal Style
Boost It!


Looky here! Our first recap from the Boost It! team! Where have you been all season? Nevermind. It’s never too late to send a first recap. Thursday night had Boost It! face off against Animal Style, and Javier Panzar is here with the details from the Boost It! sidelines.

The wind was fierce and the opponents were down right animalistic. They came out swinging but ye Boosters said “hey, what the Fuck let’s do a vert stack?”

It was a noble effort by the Boosters. But it didn’t really work. So we went back to horizontal stack, and in this reporters opinion, it loosened us up. We said, whatever it’s only baseball!!

Then coach Matt Lee reminded us it was in fact, ultimate frisbee.

From that point on we played like reborn booster freaks. We swung it, we worked it up, we ran deep, we cut back! We made ill advised and well advised decisions.

At the half it was 7-2?

But we said, whatever, it’s only softball.

Again Matt said, “it’s seriously ultimate frisbee!!!”

And then we went out and scored so many points it was unbelievable! It helped that Matt Orlove finally took off his catchers uniform. All that padding was slowing him down a lot and frankly his flick didn’t have its usual snap.

Once our minds were align we came together as one and mounted a furious comeback! A fusillade of wild throws. Upwards, backwards, forwards, downwards, side to side.

My God.

It was beautiful.

In the end it was 15-7 but goddamn it if it didn’t feel closer.

Post Script by Chris Perkel on our attempt to use Taylor Swift’s “Style” as the basis for a post game cheer:

You skipped the part where we pummeled, butchered, abused and degraded a Taylor Swift song into unrecognizable pulp — despite the protestations of a few forsaken colleagues, whose objections to the massacre fell upon (tone) deaf ears.

I mean, that’s how I remember it.


Hah excellent! I love it! I think my favorite line is “We made ill advised and well advised decisions,” because I’m pretty sure that sums up EVERY team everywhere. And I’m sure we’ve all had to remind friends and family members, no we don’t play kickball, we play ultimate. Although I don’t think I’ve ever had to remind teammates mid-game. Maybe something to work on for next week. 😀

Boost It! is now 2-4 and will have their next game on Monday against Retro who are alos 2-4. Sounds like a good matchup! Someone better send in a recap!

Animal Style now 4-2 will Skylife 6-0 on Tuesday.

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