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And now for the actual Monday night game recaps. Our first one of the day comes from our ever-dedicated recapper, Lance of KAPOW!

Out of all the games that KAPOW! could have possibly faced this year, this is the game that our team was the most excited to play against, and the game we most wanted to win. The last 2 meetings between Animal Style and KAPOW! were decided by 2 points: 11-13 in the 2018 tournament (we came back from 1-7 at the half to lead 11-10), and last years regular season 13-15 loss. We have never beaten Animal Style, but with the improvements we’ve had every year, we were hoping for that W.

Both teams arrived to the Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, a field with a cement lining around the outside. We’ve seen a few minor injuries over the years due to the transition from turf to sidewalk, but we have also seen some amazing plays on the field too! Our game did not have any. However, the soccer group before us does have the permit until 8 PM, so they kindly asked us not to use the field until they were finished.

French fries with everything on top won the toss and wanted to receive. My pull went out of bounds and hit the bleachers… I never liked that disc anyways. Chris Ludwig bricked the disc, and tossed an immediate goal to start the game AS 1 – K 0.

I think that we’ve always started down against those amazing burgers. We wouldn’t let that fact detour us from playing great. We fired back with pair of goals from Laura (she lead our team in goals with 3 for this game) and myself. And then the rest of the first half had both teams trading goals 1 or 2 at a time. The game stayed close and exciting with our scores coming from Bri, myself, Matt Cox, and Laura, and their respective assists coming from Billy Andrew, Billy, Bobby, and Billy. We were hyped when we lead the game at 6-5, and again at 7-6.

Animal style decided to cut the onions, pull in 2 scores, and take the half 8-7. At this point, we had played a great first half, and were looking at ways to tighten both our offense and our defense.

And then it came… the second half, the wind. The game started very calm. Over the first half, there was a slight breeze crosswind that built up. In the second half, the wind was much more actively pushing to the south, but no where near as crazy as the last 2 weeks of league. Does anyone have any deal on wind deflectors that we can get for games? This has to be the windiest regular winter league season, not including playing the tournament at San Pedro a few years back.

Animal Style woke up for the second half, scoring 7 to our 3. If anything, the wind helped us in our defense, as much as it helped them in offense. One play Xavier came from around Matt Cox to knock the disc down close to their goal line, and then hauled down field, going one-on-one with Billy, and left him in the dust. This would have been an amazing bookends for him, had it not been for the wind moving the disc at the last second. He should have had that. X was the one player that KAPOW! was really worried about on Animal Style. I remember seeing him at Aviators tryouts a couple of years ago, and he was grabbing just about every dependable play that he could. That kid has mad skills yo.

Our fastest and last score of the game was from Matt Lawrence to Bobby to bring the score to 10-14. We sent out offense out for one final point, which lasted a good deal of time before the game ended 10-15.

Animal Style presented a great challenge in a moderately calm night, and we thank Chris and Joanna for the good game, and the most unique cheer that we’ve heard so far this season. Also, a shout out for Dan for doing what he can to keep winter league going despite the delays. We have things to work on, especially in the second half of games and in the wind (despite coming from one of the windiest parts of LA county). We look forward to hopefully facing Animal Style in the Tournament on our own home turf.

Hey! Look at that! More wind! I knew the valley wouldn’t disappoint. And A+ for all of the In-n-Out references. I love a good themed recap. And now I want french fries…

Animal Style has really been on fire this year and is now 4-0. KAPOW! takes the hit (get it??) and is now at 2-2.

Schedules are still being worked out for the rest of the season, and will be up later this week.

And now for the Animal Style side of the recap, here’s Nahall:

Joanna is slacking by eating beignets or something cool like that in Nola, so i’ve been recruited to write some words for our recap.

This is the scoreboard. There was some frisbee that happened. Here is that tale, nice and short since i’m writing this from work and also being a big slacker:

It wasn’t the coldest of times, nor the warmest of times. But it was not super windy like Sunday night, thank goodness! We came out ready to play, with much of our team showing up early, EARLY I SAY! Not frisbee time, aka 1 point into the game or right at 8pm.

We were neck and neck for most of the game with KAPOW!, with Animal Style beating ourselves up with lots of drops at the beginning. There were some wise words from our captains in a time out huddle – FUNdementals!-  and we were able to pull out the lead with some energy and great defense.

Highlights include:

Claire having the stickiest of sticky hands and being open all over the field.

Erwin throwing a beautiful huck to X, which he then doinked in the endzone.

X redeeming said doink with a great run through D.

(searching for gifs is basically the best thing ever)

Dani being very chilly while handling.

Our last point of the game lasted approximately 15 hours, I timed it with extreme accuracy, and both teams had probably 9 turnovers each during that point. But no one gave up, and both teams ran it out til the end of that grueling marathon.

Shoutout to KAPOW! for playing a hard fought game, traveling from far away, and having some good tunes on the sideline.

1. I’m super confused by that first gif. Why is it stuck in his hand?? Is he cheating? Is there velcro involved? WTF?!
2. hehehe doink is a funny word. I googled it just to see if it is really a word. It’s not. But it is the name of a clown. I‘ll just leave this link here.  
3. Yay GIFs!

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