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Animal Style


Thursday night at the Sepulveda Basin Sport Complex. Rooks face off against Animal Style. Cap’n Colin of Rooks, coming in with his first recap of the year, and it’s a poem!

We were sad, alone.
Gametime soon, but Rooks demurred

injuries and whatnot.

One, two, three. zero.

Animal Style came to play.

Rooks don’t catch early.

Slaughter continues.

Time, Halftime, Refocus Time.

Rooks find the break side.

Rooks score, Rooks score, yay.

Seal hucks. But Snatch still snatches

Ted throws. Dan flies, dies.

Battle til the end.

Fifteen, eight. Spirited? yes

Field was real, perfect.

Ah yes, only the most upbeat, cheery poetry from Colin.  Here’s what I’m seeing: Rooks had low numbers because they’re all old and injured. Hard time scoring, and Animal Style showed off. I’m not sure if Dan laid out for a score, or he laid out and  got injured. And I’m choosing to believe that the “real, perfect” field means they finally turned on all the lights.

Rooks (1-4) have their next game on Wednesday against Skylife (5-0).

And Animal Style (3-2) play Boost It! (2-3) on Thursday.

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  • Dan Perahyas

    March 5, 2022 at 8:51 am

    Still here…


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