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Animal Style


This is it. The final countdown. The last week of Winter League 2020. The End Phase.

Monday night, Animal Style and Rooks faced off. A classic matchup and definitely our most challenging opponent this season. At the bar, we did nose goes for who had to write the recap and Derek was the last one to catch on. Here’s his GIF-filled summary for your perusal.

The night was chilly
And also quite windy
They threw some zone
Then we made some turns

Colin and Seal were septas

But we didn’t let that crush our spirits!

15-2 bad guys

Compression shorts or underwear go under leggings

Single bill for 4 teams
Nose goes for recap
I was distracted
So here it is

Excellent, Derek, excellent. In Rooks tradition, we ended the season with scoring one per half in our last game. I considered it a hazing for the new Rooks members this year who breezed through the first 5 games of the season and didn’t realize what team they’d signed up for.

Might I just add the following highlights:

 – Elaine was a beast who was constantly open
– Ringo once again regretted wearing shorts for the first 20 minutes of the evening, but then she had some sweet throws so warmed up
 – Comet ran all over the field as usual, and the wind kept stealing the disc away
 – Taylor floated seamlessly through handling and cutting
 – I’m pretty sure someone actually greased up the disc because just about everyone dropped it at some point.
– Kale ignored our misguided sideline shouts to clear out and instead caught our first score of the night. (Never listen to us Kale. You do you.)
 – And Colin completed day 405 of his Duolingo streak

And with that, Rooks finishes out our best year ever at 3-3.

Animal Style ends the season at 6-1.  Fairly certain they’ll be getting a first-round bye for the tourney on Sunday, but don’t quote me.

Also, someone ordered a burger at Robin Hood and apparently forgot to pay for it. If it’s you, you owe the lovely bartender 11 dollars. The last few of us who were still there tried to pay for it, but she wouldn’t let us.

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