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We really kicked off the season strong with 3 games played on Wednesday night, and recaps from all of them! Here’s Ruth’s recap of the Beatles showdown against BTS.

EDIT: I received so many recaps this week that I also missed there was a second recap for this game! BTS recap added in below.

The Beatles and BTS had a great battle of the bands last night. BTS turned up with a soundtrack and army bombs, so the sideline was dynamite. We traded numbers for most of the night — the BTS offense was smooth like butter, but the Beatles D line kept making them get back. At the very end of the show, BTS turned up their choreography and pulled ahead to win the game 15-12. Euphoria!

At the bar, though, it was beatlemania all the way. The bar is really where we come together as a team and get fries with a little help from our friends. Because we know that the real score that matters is bar attendance, we documented the turnout:



Hah yes! Multiple song references and bar photos from both teams! Ruth did her research! A++ Love the spirit and can’t wait to get to play against you all!

And another side of the story, this time from Captain Jason Lee of BTS:

Wednesday night! First day of Summer League 2022!

The Beatles had a full band, but BTS had all the K-pop stars out for this battle.

We lost the flip… so we started out on O to begin the game and got broken but we were just getting those opening night jitters out, so no worries! Next point BTS held and then I think the point after BTS broke to get back to serve. After that it was a blur of fun. Both teams went back and back with neither team ever going up more than a break until the very end. One of the most fun games I’ve been a part of since pre pandemic. The night was ending and score was 11-11 I believe and then Beatles get a break to go up 12-11. I might be wrong on the exact sequence of events but I think the next point was a marathon point and both teams got the disc to the goal line multiple times but couldn’t convert. BTS finally punches in the score and goes up 13-12. BTS then finally gets the encore performance with a couple breaks and ends the game on a captain to captain huck between Avatar and Claw! Shoutout to Beatles for a super competitive, fun, spirited game!! We cant wait to dance in your yellow submarine!!

BTS highlights!!

Dylan had some absolute bombs to our lady cutters

Lauren, Onyx, and Henry are rock solid handlers always getting resets

Lily and Lisa seemed to always be open under to get the disc

Beatles highlights!!!

Ben (dr. Chain) had some sick defensive plays. Especially one play that nearly resulted in a Callahan it was so close.

Sam Kelly was unguardable. She just kept running!

Cory had a sick grab on a dump throw that was millimeters from hitting the ground

Kai had some nice deep shots. We thought she was the one usually chasing those down but she proved us wrong.

I’m pretty sure BTS also lost the bar. We might not be a bar team but we all agreed we like food! So maybe we can beat the other teams in that category!

I think this is the first time I’ve heard a team challenge raised over food, but I’m here for it! Sounds like there were some great plays and everyone had a good time, which is the best way to start a season.

Beatles will have their next game against Jonas Brothers on Thursday.

BTS faces off against New Kids on the Block next Friday.

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