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Blooper Reels
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Our team has been very excited to start the season. After our strong 9th place finish in the tourney last year we couldn’t wait to defend our title. After needing to tow only one car from the potholes that defend the Rancho Cienega parking lot we started on offense against the new expansion team Blooper Reels.
Their team was new but their players have been around the LA scene a long time. Captained by Buster and Ted, tracing their lineage back to the Spoiler Alert club team, we knew this would be a tough game.
And…..the opening point did not go so well for us. A quick turn and score by Blooper had them up 1 – 0. I, as our captain, was worried. Would the next insurrection come for me? Would I be sacrificed to appease the frisbee gods and win back their benevolent tidings? Heavy were my thoughts at that moment.
But the spirit of our crew did not break and a deep throw to our star offseason acquisition Alison put us on the board! The whispering of my opposing political factions within the team subsided for now and I breathed a sigh of relief.
Blooper Reels continued to play great throughout the first half, doggedly holding onto their early break despite only having 4 male matching players. Both teams were working well out of their horizontal stack offence.
Blooper Reels held their break all the way to 7-6 with very balanced play. Some hucks, some methodical movement and very very few bloopers. They seemed destined to take half. But our fortunes were about to change. A quick consultation with our team’s legal expert and resident shaman Katie, offered the frisbee gods a deal they couldn’t refuse. The small price of my first born offspring for their favor in this game. And just like that we secured two breaks in a row to take half.
In the huddle at half time I did what any embattled incumbent would do. I pandered. I explained that everyone’s play to this point had been perfect. Forces? No notes. Patience? Not for us. Clogging lanes? Not today. I had to hope that this positivity could help me hold onto power.
And with that we took to the second half. Blooper often ran 2 or 3 lady handlers to take advantage of their male matching height differences with Kyle and D-Con. They played very well but a few turnovers helped us extend our lead to 14-11.
The final play of the game and I swear this is true. What? You don’t believe me already? Fine, then I swear to you on my blue ribbon winning state fair fruit salad that this is true. Lisa, the savviest member of our team and not a hair’s width over 5’5” skied not only her defender but 6’12” D-Con as well to score the game winning goal.
We were very excited to get our first win of the season and if I am to remain captain hopefully not our last. Shouts out to our opponents Blooper Reels they were a blast to play against and we hope to face them again in the tournament.

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  • Seth

    March 13, 2023 at 2:51 pm

    Great recap! Keep on boostin’ it!


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