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Plenty of Boba in the Tea


We’re going to set the scene with this beautifully portrayed recap by Chain for team Boba.
“I’ve never been to this part of the city. Hidden amidst the underbrush and converging roadways in a ghastly mess was a little slice of verdant green.

 The devouring serpentine roads had obscured a bevy of fields under bright lights. I traveled with a couple companions to the fields, my nerves in a tizzy due to anticipation of seeing my first love. My companions, Anna and Pat, were jovial and kept me in good spirits, but behind the smiles and japes I felt my face flush with eagerness that was excused by the cold.

 Arriving early to check out the place, I saw him. A specimen, long of limb and a power radiating behind his every move. I did not look forward to matching up with Rooks’ Eddie.
Then I saw him

 from across the field, his flowing locks unmistakable beneath his worn cap.

  His stride was purposeful and I could sense a confident ease that was so soothing. Oh Captain, my Captain, Colin had arrived.
Team Boba was ready for a new start against a familiar opponent. Rooks was retooled and looking dangerous with every new player that arrived both familiar and unknown. The children played their games on the fields while we waited, the tension could hardly be contained. Colin and I exchanged greetings, but behind every word, gesture, and touch there was that unspoken thing.
 I felt light as a feather and yet my feet were leaden. I had to shake off those feelings to lead my comrades into the match.
Team Boba arrived sporadically. Every familiar face, a pleasing one. The comforts of joys and sorrows past filled my heart upon each visage.

 As we gathered for our introductions, I felt as nervous as a schoolboy on a first date.

It’s strange to feel this way for people I’ve gotten to know quite well.

The game went by in a blur. Rooks’ players were flying all over the field. Eddie soared into the sky for some grabs. Colin turned back time to speed down the field. Nicole and Jenny worked the disc so well. Boba’s players came out blazing as we had built a chemistry that could forge unbreakable bonds. Every player touched the disc and moved into great spots. On a cold wintry night, a beautiful game was played with good cheer all around.


I figured out how to embed gifs haha.”

And now to another perspective from Rooks’ player Colin Whitman, who said what we were all thinking about the new field space at John Ferraro.

The haze of LeiOut settles around the field, as weary warriors approach, still rain soaked and sand encrusted from the weekend’s weather.  They confidently stride into the complex and mutter under their breath…”Where in the shit is field 1?”
Rooks ushered in their 10th season, with a couple fresh faces and the triumphant return of former players. And as every game one starts: chaos.  At least 5 slips/fall on the first point as we quickly realize that the field wasn’t astroturf but some kind of grass-like astroglide. The more balanced Boba breaks, Rooks score. Boba Scores. Rooks scores. Big time plays to Darkness and the new/old recruits quickly finding their footing  Then the game settled into itself. As Rooks sorted out its offense, Boba remembered that they’re ballers as long as they don’t slip, Jeni’s lunch time red wine grits wore off, and Rooks’ one sub realized she was in for a long night.
Half 8-3.
Both teams look entirely different by the second half, more sure-footed and balanced, but the second half results were largely the same as the first. 15-5 final.  Overall, an exciting and chill night. Happy to see everyone again, happy that there weren’t any injuries, and looking forward to a great season.
John Ferraro field report:
There’s a dark, paved parking lot to the east of the fields, that has a walking path to the fields, but most people parked parallel along Zoo Drive or perpendicular to the street in the little dirt pull off area.  Note: the posted signs along Zoo Dr say No Parking 8pm-6am, but there were cars there after the game and they seemed unticketed, so I don’t know how strict that is.
It’s the Western most field (right side if you’re approaching from the road).  There’s a giant youth soccer team that practices there, I talked to the coach and he said they until 8pm-ish+, but they were friendly. We let them continue their scrimmage until about 8:05 when we quietly entered their field and established our sideline. Practice was called about the same time. We set up the field and threw while the million children worked their way off the field.  8:15 is about the time you’ll get to start any warm up in earnest with kids, field step up, flips, etc.
– There are soccer goals you’ll need to lift and move to the unused side of the field. 4 person job, they’re fairly lightweight. We returned them into position at the end of the game.
– The field is short. It’s about 80 yards or 90 paces. We tried full endzones but it was weird, so we tried 15 yard endzones and it was better… but that was also about the time that Boba started winning……interesting.
– The field is SLIPPERY.  It’s similar to that Sherman Oaks field, but it feels decent+ underneath your feet… but changing direction? Hang onto your butts.  Many many people in cleats slipped and went down. So turf shoes are HIGHLY recommended. I’ll probably play in sneakers next time if I don’t get turf shoes.
We tried Gold Rail. It’s a vibe for Bluesday Tuesday, but would not recommend it for a large group or anyone looking to get weird (aka just being normal ultimate players).”

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  • Seth

    January 30, 2023 at 5:41 pm

    Love the field report, and the recap!


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