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Boost It!


Going into this Monday night game, Boost It! and Retro both had the same 2-4 records. As you can clearly see the score above, Retro came out with the win, but it was a close one! Here’s the recap from Alex Roper and the Boost It! sideline. (Note – Alex does not have a photo uploaded on ultimate central, and there is no picture of him already in our website, so I guess we’ll just be left wondering what he looks like.)

Oh what a game. Retro vs Boost It! was our closest game of the year. We started the game strong. And by game I mean pre game. We consumed roughly a dozen bags of Starburst. #notanad. And with the gelatin coalescing in our bellies we thought ourselves ready for anything.

The first point ended with a brilliant huck backhand to Kendall in the face of a surprise zone by Retro. We thought our sugary strategies could not be beaten. Alas though, our diabetes risking highs led to some sour lows. Retro quickly answered back, and we found ourselves down 4-2 in the blink of an eye.

We called a timeout to strategize. Did we need more candy ? A different flavor of offense? There was no sugarcoating it, we were stuck.

Photographic evidence of sugar crash.

Retro continued their methodical offense and stingy zone to take half 8-5.

At half we took stock and focused on what really mattered. Learning everyone’s middle names. We knew this deeper level of connection was what we truly needed in this moment. Too much focus of our sideline talk had been about strategies and play by play. We needed to take a step back and truly know one another, by their middle names given to them at birth. Also, with our sugar levels dropping a new level of focus and synergy were upon us.

Photographic evidence of us learning the most important thing about someone.

We pulled the disk and broke 4 times out of half and we took the lead back 8-9. Our newfound knowledge of each other and not letting Retro set up their zone propelled us to new heights. But Retro wasn’t done. With solid movement and timely hucks they clawed the game back to 12-13

We were barely holding onto our lead. Retro’s great defence and an incredible layout catch in the back of the endzone led to a 15-13 win for Retro.

But we had learned a lot from this game. First, we need a new pregame snack. (Pickle juice shots were recommended) and two that Retro is a team that never quits and fights till the last point. We hope we get to see them in the tournament and that everyone is ready to Boost It!

P.S. Steph would like to shout out Wendall #keepitcrazyoutthere. And let everyone know that on the Robertson Park field in Pasadena only water is allowed on the field. (oopsies with the mass consumption of starburst we promise we didn’t make mess of anything but our hucks)

It’s weird that this pictures don’t animate, but I’ll allow it this time. But really though, who knew learning your teammates middle names could give you such an advantage coming out of half. I’ll have to test this out. I’m intrigued to see how well it holds up.

Boost It! is now 2-5 and will have their final game against Deez Nauts who are currently in second place at 5-2.

Retro, now 3-4 will play against Chavez Machine (0-6) for their final game.

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