RecapSummer 2022Boyz II Men vs NSYNC

Boyz II Men


It’s the second week of mixed games, and the first time I got to join my team, NSYNC, out on the field! We were matching up against Boyz II Men, and I created a combo playlist to spread the love around. Our team was rolling deep with nearly our entire roster showing up! For which I was very grateful because it allowed me to sit out this game and support from the sidelines, keep score, and take notes. (Turns out I am terrible at keeping score, even while carrying around a whiteboard. Who knew?)

Boyz II Men were looking a little low on numbers, and started off with just one woman-matching sub. NSYNC came out swinging and before I knew it, we were up 6-2.

Turns out, we really did need those strings attached to help guide us on the field. Instead, we let Boyz II Men get their groove on and go on a 6 point run to take have 8-6.

In our first game, NYSNC took half 8-6 and then lost it in the end to Menudo, so we channeled our former rivals, cheered something about noodles and rallied. Granted it only lasted for two or so points and then we lost our momentum again. After we gave up a few more points, I switched our playlist over to Menudo and we scored again! It seemed to be working! Until it wasn’t, and Boyz II Men finished it off 15-12.

Great game all around with the ladies on both sides really shining!

Red was all over the place, grabbing discs out of the air so high it didn’t seem humanly possible. Hoover handling against a male mark who tried to foot-block her to no avail. (Reminder – foot blocks are not allowed in this league, so just stop it). Creamer scoring for us in her first mixed game in years. Taylor and Alana making some beautiful connections in the endzone. Abby and Elaine filling in for some sweet cuts. And Sophie hucking it deep for a score!

And on the Boyz II Men side, Crunch was all over the field with deep hucks and grant handling. Zitian had a great throw for a score during their 6pt run. Alex scored with a beautiful layout grab. Taylor had some tight defense shutting down our ladies. And Tidal came in mid-game with her chilly O like it’s nothing.

Oh and there were some boys on the field who did some things too.

Overall, a great game, cookie awards handed out at the end, and a sideline visitor who kept a respectable covid distance and I would like to never see again…

NSYNC takes our second hit and is now 0-2. Our next game is against BTS (1-1) on Wednesday.

Boyz II Men is now 1-0-1 (wait we had a tied game the first week and no recap on it?!). They’ll play on Friday against Menudo (2-0)

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