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Coming off the 4th of July weekend, we have a late recap from the BTS vs Boyz II Men game last Wednesday. Here are all the details from Captain Jason of BTS.

Wednesday recap!!

BTS vs Boyz II Men. Nice day out at the Sepulveda Basin. BTS loses another flip we might be 0-4 this year on flips. BTS was out in full force with nearly a full team while Boyz II Men I believe only had roughly half their team with about 4/5 of each gender. However the players they did have came out hot and fast as they stormed out to a 3-0 lead. They also came out with a tough zone that took BTS a while to figure out but eventually we kind of did and end the half on serve 8-7. On top of that I think we lost 2 discs that went way OB during pulls in that half alone. 2nd half BTS thought Boyz II Men would possibly slow down due their shortage of numbers but we were wrong they were still going at it and the game ended 15-12 with Boyz II Men taking this battle of the boy bands


Quake for BTS finally came to a game and she is a damn quick handler. She was giving and going all the time

The ladies on Boyz II Men were absolute beasts I felt like they were throwing dimes and catching anything that came at them.

Tyler had some buttery hucks to Avatar

Sean had some nice big around floaty throws to break their zone

One of the dudes (tall dude wearing a black long sleeve) on Boyz II Men (sorry I don’t know your name) was unstoppable he was getting the disc almost every other and had a few nice skies

Sounds like even with low numbers Boyz II Men were able to pull through and get into a good flow. But 2 lost discs in the second half?? Like lost never to be retrieved or just went outside the fence and had to get picked up later? Maybe that’s the sacrificial offering that was required to ensure there were no bugs swarming that night?

Boyz II Men (2-1-1) has their next game on Thursday against Jonas Bros (1-3).

BTS (2-2) will match up against Menudo (3-1) on Wednesday.

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Menudo vs Boyz II Men

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Menudo vs BTS

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