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Here’s one more Tuesday night recap, this one from the Bubble Party vs Scoober Divers game. Both teams went into this game looking for their first win.

And here’s famous Maria Duke of Scoober Divers with the recap. Apologies for the delay on getting this one out. I’ve heard there are people waiting for it. (Just don’t tell my boss.)

Hello Dear Reader,

I write to you from the desk of my new job casting interior designers on a competition show on a major network. On a completely unrelated note, if anyone is/knows of any interior designers who would love to compete for a life-changing prize, please email! Anyways, back to the ‘cap. Apparently Bubble Party is a reference to something other than the Powerpuff Girls character Bubbles but I forget what it is. That’s the risk with doing re-caps two days after the game – our memories are fickle and often all too fleeting.

Mr. Brock, absentee captain and Pokemon Trainer, was in “Ohio” this week “visiting” his “girlfriend” who he “loves.” Needless to say this is a piss poor excuse for missing a game and also I guess Ohio is what the kids these days are calling Niagara Falls.

Anyways, the day before the game, an absentee Mr. Brock who (if you recall) was in “Ohio” demanded that “Your recap better make me feel like I was there.” And so, dear reader, here is my attempt at making you (and Mr. Brock) feel like you were at the game.

Who: Scoober Divers vs. Bubble Party

What: A game
Where: Rancho Cienega, Field #2
When: Between (say it with me!) the hours of 8pm and 10pm on Tuesday, February 18th, 2020.
Why: To play frisbee.
How: Moderately well.

1) Both teams forced flick the entire game. This is a stunning departure for the Scoober Divers who like to throw in a single backhand force point and then immediately switch back to flick regardless of whether we won the point or not. Yes, this is an open challenge to my team to try out a backhand force once in awhile. To be fair, Bubble Party has several lefties, so it we technically kind of a had backhand forces for certain possessions.

2) Each team called a time out, which I think exemplifies the level-headed, clean game each team was playing throughout the entire match.

3) At one point, Devin was hurtling towards two female players on the field and instead of causing a dangerous play, he chose to LIE DOWN ON THE TURF. Even I can’t describe how fucking hilarious this was to watch. Bravo, Devin, that was far and away the coolest thing a male frisbee player has ever done during a mixed game.

4) Arista, Scoober Diver’s superior captain who actually decided to show up for the game, had the inspired idea to have different team members say fun facts about themselves during our huddles. Some highlights:

On his mission trip to Uganda, Mr. Joshwas told that he looked like a pig. He claims this is largely due to his arm hair, and we’re not friends on Facebook so I can’t let you all decide for yourselves if that’s where the resemblance stops. Christi – maybe you can help me out with some pics?

Arista translates to a type of roasted pork dish in Italian. This fact would be more fun if she hadn’t spent several years of her youth living in, you guessed it, Italy. Children are cruel.

Cory’s wife hates his green track track pants, so he’s only allowed to wear them to frisbee games.

Claire teaches kindergarten and her favorite student is named Leo*

SHARD dug up some cool artifacts during a Greek archaeological dig she did during undergrad.

Cam (this was his sideline debut. he’s injured) still has all of his original Pokemon cards, including several Brock Trainer Cards (!)

Paul grew up in Dallas, TX.

Devin “Moves plants around for a living”. (which, coincidentally, is what everyone’s high school boyfriends also did to make money!)

And lastly, the funnest fact of all, Summer Dumas lives on a boat called – wait for it – SUMMER’S VACATION. Tell me that’s not brilliant!!!

Final score: Honestly not sure. I do know that we scored 15 points, I think Bubble Party was at like 12 or 13? Hard to say.

Brock will also not be at next week’s game so stay tuned for another frisbee-heavy recap!

*name changed to protect the five year old’s identity.

Until next week!

I’m not quite sure what to make of all the shade being thrown at Ohio and Niagara Falls. I’m from Ohio and visit Niagara Falls often. Although, there’s definitely some confusion there because Niagara Falls is in New York. Maybe I’m missing something?

And as much as I would love to help out Maria with hunting down pictures of players on facebook, it’s been another busy day at work so that will have to wait. Maybe I’ll post an update later.

But yay! Congrats to Scoober Divers for their first win of the season. They are now 1-4 and will face off against TBD v.3 next week. (TBD is currently listed on Ultimate Central as 1-2-1, but they had a game on Thursday that hasn’t had scores reported yet.)

Bubble Party is now 0-5 and will play Skeeter (1-3-1) next Tuesday.

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