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Our second Monday Night recap comes from the showdown between Bubble Party and TBD v3. The lovely Papa from TBD provided her first recap of the season, for the last TBD game.

Hiiii I’m back to write exactly one recap! Last night was TBD’s final game for the regular season, and we had a super fun and hard-fought game with Bubble Party.

It took us [read: me] a minute to find the back field at Culver City high school, but we started the game right on time [aka 8:30 or so]. TBD came out with an early 3-1 lead, but Bubble Party wasn’t going down without a fight. It was pretty gusty yesterday, and after a timeout somewhere in the first half, they came at us with a tough zone that proved very effective. We scored every so often but Bubble Party kept it close, earning a handful of breaks and keeping us fighting through every point.

Eventually we took half 8-5, thanks to incredible patience from our offense – Megan, Kev and Cory calmly moving and dumping for ~200 throws per point – and putting together a zone defense of our own.

But the second half was the Greta show (which is why I didn’t let her write this recap). She was everywhere, with huuuge trailing-edge catches in the end zone, some big Ds in our zone, and she even squared up on Jason as a deep-deep (although he got the disc…Jason is a very reliable tall guy).

Cory had what might be the most consistent and poised game I’ve ever seen him play….

….which is why Dylan had to step in for him. Dylan played like his parents had forced him into frisbee, with the pressure of living out their own unfulfilled potential, and he was hoping to get cut from the team. He pulled a disc into one of the school buildings, threw another directly into the ground on stall 3, and even managed to put a huck directly in between and out-of-reach of Greta and Jackie, who were both wide open in the end zone. That being said, he also did some great work cutting for us in the zone.

On the Bubble Party side, we saw quick dishes and movement from their handlers, who weren’t afraid to swing despite the wind. They kept throwing over our zone and definitely took advantage of our mistakes as we figured out our defense.

However, we did eventually figure it out, (benched Dylan), and took the game 15-9. Pretty much everyone made it to the bar, where Jackie almost odds’d away her Coachella ticket to Greta. We booked an Airbnb for Saturday night because we really like hanging out together. Here’s an adorable picture of us, graciously taken by Red (though missing Danielle, Pre, Spencer and Zesty, who will rejoin us this weekend). Looking forward to the tourney!!

I gotta say, my favorite part is where Papa describes Dylan’s playing as if his parent’s “forced him into frisbee, with the pressure of living out their own unfulfilled potential, and he was hoping to get cut from the team.” That’s some literary gold right there. I’d feel slightly bad for Dylan if I thought he was actually going to read this, but he’ll never know so it’s fine.

Bubble Party was a new team this year, and sadly, they squeaked through the whole season without ever writing a single recap. I’m not saying it’s the reason they didn’t win any games, but I’m not saying it’s not, either.

Don’t worry Bubble Party. Rooks has been there. I think we had at least 3 or 4 seasons before winning a game. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel if you run fast enough. Our first win happened to land on a Fat Tuesday and we coincidentally had a bottle of champagne on the sideline that got sprayed all over the team after our win. Ahh the good ‘ol days.

Bubble Party ends the year at 0-7, but every team in the A Bracket tourney has a first round bye, so you all have to be there at the same time anyway.

TBD v.3 finishes with a 3-3-1 which should put them right in the middle of the brackets.

And if your captains haven’t sent around the tourney info yet, you can harass them. But if you’re on Rooks, please harass Colin and not me. I’m busy posting recaps.

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