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Chavez Machine
Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Chain of Plenty of Boba in the Tea has been one of our most consistent recappers of this Winter League season. He has mastered the GIFs and writes the recaps your eyeballs need. This recap is no exception. Boba faced off against one of our newer Winter League teams, Chavez Machine, on Monday night, and here’s Chain’s animated recap for your viewing pleasure.

Starting the day early, I was not going to be able to make it to our game tonight due to my Monday classes.

I trusted my team, but it makes me sad not to play friz with my friends.

But wait a minute, email alert, my late class has been cancelled! Great success!

I can play!

After driving an hour through some traffic, I made it to our favorite field, Robinson in Pasadena (like half our team lives around the east side). Most of Chavez Machine was there in their Dodger blue and warming up while we straggled in.

I really want to give a lot of props to Chavez Machine. It’s hard and can be demoralizing being a beginner in a sport like frisbee where the learning curve is pretty steep. It’s easy to hang your head and/or give up.

They did neither and played with a positive spirit the whole game.  They especially picked it up in the second half with some patient play working the disc. I’m sorry I don’t know names but one of their ladies got a great one handed grab deep and their whole team ran hard all game. I want to really give the highest regards to their captains Lindsey and Jake for coaching up this team and doing a great job!

They are great players and do great work for the community as a whole.

The game’s score did not reflect the spirit and positive fun that was had by all (I hope Chavez Machine felt the same). Boba had all 7 of their ladies for the first time which was awesome! Ladies Night!

Karissa showed up and she was awesome, running hard and grabbing every disc one handed!

How cool! While I threw a couple terrible deep throws, including an indefensible hammer and generally felt pretty low energy, our team is gelling together and I have so much fun playing with Boba. High fiving Winston was great too!

Great Fun!

We’re starting to get better cheers too!

All in all, a fun game of frisbee, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Chavez Machine!

I love to hear new teams showing up with having fun regardless of the score board. It can be hard to keep spirits up when playing against more experienced teams, but sounds like Chavez Machine was able to power through and still have fun!

Plenty of Boba in the Tea is now 4-2 and will play against Whiskey Discs (1-4) on Tuesday.

Chavez Machine (0-6) have their next game against Rooks (1-4) on Monday.

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