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Chuck Aramaki Was not an onion...

When you met him, you knew him. You may not have known that he was born in a Japanese internment camp a month after the second World War ended and named Hiroshi by his father in honor of the victims of Hiroshima, but you knew he gave everyone his respect and grace. You may not have known that he was a Vietnam war veteran with two Purple Hearts, but you knew you could count on him, his promises, and his commitment. You may not have had the pleasure of meeting his wife, JC or his daughter, Katie but you knew he was embraced in love with his family. When you met Chuck, you saw he was fit, good natured, and inquisitive, that he was genuinely interested in who you were; after you knew him, you understood that is who he is: an avid cyclist, skier, hiker, basketball and ultimate player, an adventurous traveller, a generous person with his time and attention, and a committed friend, husband, and father who was a joy to be with.

Chuck has been called a legend in the ultimate community for a while. His playing longevity and connections with people have been inspiring. Stories of his presence and personality abound in LA Ultimate. Knowing Chuck for almost 40 years, he and I accrued a wealth of stories together. I understand now that many of those stories are only mine to tell going forward, that I won’t be sharing the memories with my dear friend anymore, laughing together as only long-time friends can. I will tell these stories to anyone who will listen and I hope everyone else will tell their stories of Chuck. That’s what Legends deserve.

With Love,

Tim Zebrowski

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