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Welcome! You've happily stumbled upon one of the most fun, most unique, and most supportive communities that LA - and the world - have to offer!


There’s a lot of ultimate info and a lot of ultimate lingo so this page is designed specifically to get YOU started.

Don’t worry, all you need to know to get started is that you’re going to have fun and meet some cool new people while getting some exercise…and maybe having a drink after.

As you get started, remember to:

  • Introduce yourself; make new sideline friends who can help you with the basics,
  • Embrace that you’re a beginner,
  • Move past mistakes (even experienced players make them),
  • Not be afraid of the disc (it’s just plastic),
  • Throw and catch as much as you can
  • Ask lots of questions, and
  • Have a bunch of fun!

You can get as competitive as you want, or you can keep it chill, it’s all up to you. But if you want a basic progression to get you moving, try out a few or all of the following:


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Find a pick-up game near you or your work

These games are fun because they are super casual: show up, introduce yourself to a few people, let people know it’s your first time, and have a blast.


Sign up for a recreational / beginner league

These are fun because they all are beginner friendly, you can sign up with friends, there is a free clinic before the first game, AND there is an ultimate expert there to keep score and help provide guidance when you want it! Make sure to invite and team up with a friend or two for even more fun; plus, that way you can become the pro and teach them!

  • Spring Beach League is divided into two separate gender divisions. Sometimes playing with and learning from the same gender is the perfect way to absorb the finer points of the game and really start rocking out on the ultimate field…plus it’s on BEACH which is super nice on the joints and fun to dive in!
  • The next step is Summer League which is a “draft” league that is super beginner friendly. This is a chance to learn from and play with more experienced players of both genders while matching up against people around the same skill level. Summer league has a strong reputation for after game socials especially on Fridays!


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You’re ready for anything and everything so you might as well become a member! You get great discounts, some cool schwag, and invited to really fun member-only socials. And with all of those discounts, you might as well play in as many events as possible. And when that’s still not enough, ask around about club, pro, and fun travel tournament opportunities.

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