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Deez Nauts
Plenty of Boba in the Tea


Hello, dear frisbee friends! Here’s a recap from Thursday’s Deez Nauts vs Plenty of Boba in the Tea game to kick off your Presidents’ Day holiday weekend. And after you finish reading, you’ll be ready to celebrate in traditional, patriotic way of buying a new mattress. (Look, I don’t make the rules, I just know mattresses are always on sale for Presidents day weekend.)

But first, here’s Boba’s Ben “Chain” Aiga with the deets:

Team Boba is back and this is the first time I’m captaining a team. I honestly don’t really know what I’m doing, I don’t know what to say at halftimes or breaks (which new teammate Anna called me out on already, Thanks Anna!).

I’m not really big on Xs and Os, I don’t have groundbreaking frisbee ideas and plays, but I did bring girl scout cookies and enthusiasm.

I heard that counts for something.

It was also my first of three games that I can play this season. The scheduling gods did not bless me this year as most of our games are on Mondays and I have class on Mondays (boo!). However, I want to shout out the leadership for adding an east side field in Pasadena which is really thoughtful for the Eastsiders who play friz like myself. So Thank you Leadership!
On to the game. We knew Deez Nauts were young, we knew they were fast, we knew they liked to throw a zone, we knew they played club together, and we knew they played sexy friz, but it did not matter, they threw their figurative nauts on our heads.
 They played chill with the disc, their ladies went to the ground to catch discs (looking at you Lons (is that how you spell it?)), they played their game and handled business.
It started back and forth with Boba after going down first, struck with great fighting spirit. Deez Nauts would not be held back and went on a run. I think it was 7-4 at one point. But don’t count out Boba, we got some breaks and we went into half at 8-7. I think one of the highlights was new dude Luke on Boba grabbing a crossfield hammer in the endzone with a guy draped all over him. He apparently has one of these crazy grabs a game!
I also want to say Wendy on Boba is always great, I played with her on Spoiler Alert and she was MVP there. She catches everything and is always open. After half, Boba got close to scoring and driving but Deez Nauts held tough with their zone and chilly O where they went on a run ending the game at 15-8. It was a tough second half for Boba but we never hung our heads and kept playing with heart.
I’m proud of the team. Oh, and Frances on Deez Nauts is fast.
I remember playing summer league with her prior to COVID and it was a blast just launching it to her. Kudos to her and Deez Nauts for a great, fun, spirited game!

FINALLY! Someone listened and sent in GIFs! I mean, what good is a recap without them??

First off, I think this is the first recap I’ve posted that included a shout out to the board and league director. So even though I am no longer on the board, I still appreciate it.

Secondly, I’ve found the key to captaining when you don’t really know what you’re doing is to delegate. Maybe toss in a one-liner to boost up moral here or there, but otherwise, you just call on your key players to toss out a few ideas for adjustments, etc. Works every time.

Third, never did I ever think I would post a GIF with a caption of “I want balls in my face,” but here we are. I wonder what else this weekend will bring.

Plenty of Boba in the Tea is now 1-2 and will go up against After Party (3-0) on Tuesday.

Deez Nauts continues their winning streak of 3-0 and will play Sky Life who are also 3-0 next Thursday. Someone better send a recap!! THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

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