RecapWinter 2022Deez Nauts vs Rooks

Deez Nauts


Yay! Another recap! This game took place last Thursday, so it’s going up a little late, but it’s here! And it’s from my very own alma mater – Rooks! (Yes, it’s me, Christi, posting the recaps this year. And no, I’m not playing Winter League. I’ll just be living vicariously through all your recaps, so send me more!)

Alana has stepped up and taken over co-captaining Rooks along with Colin, and here’s her recap for the first Rooks game of the 2022 season.

Deez Nauts are a young and athletic team! They showed up with plenty of players and were ready to play. There was a bank and a half of lights out at Balboa but we decided to play anyway. It was very cold but not windy, and Deez threw a zone. We managed to break it once early on, with a long distance cut and bomb by Eok, but they kept the pressure to take half 8 – 1. Finally they switched to 1:1 defense in the second half and we were only able to score two more points before they won 15 – 3. It was a pretty quick and decisive game. I’m proudest of our cheer by Jim, “1 2 3 A B C Deez Nauts!”

Clearly if all of the lights had been on, Rooks would have really shown Deez Nauts who was boss. We’ll get ’em next time.

And for all the teams out there — send me more recaps! And more GIFs!

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