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Hello, dear frisbee friends! I have another backlog of recaps to share with you all. Our first recap comes from the Deez Nauts vs Skylife game last Thursday. Both teams were going into the game undefeated. I had specifically requested a recap for this game, and Ethan Lacoe delivered! Here’s his story from the Skylife side of the field

The was the battle of the last two undefeated teams in B league!

During the offseason, Ryan and Frances left Skylife and took their talents to Deez Nauts after a 2 or 3 season stint with our team. This was a big loss for us. Frances has always been naturally athletic and highly competitive, but over the last few years, she’s learned how to cut, throw, and defend better. She’s no longer a raw talent. She’s whatever the opposite of raw is. A cooked talent? Well-done talent? Probably refined, but I’d like to think it’s one of the first two. Whatever you call it, I think we can all agree that she’s developed into one of the most dangerous players in the league.

Despite the loss, we weren’t going down without our own big pickups. About 1/3rd of our team is new. We picked up some great players, including co-captain Kyra. Kyra is good at everything. She can cut, throw, and despite being shorter than a lot of her matchups, she’s a deep threat (more on that later). Coincidentally, Kyra plays club with Deez Nauts, so both teams had intimate details of the other team’s players.

The game started with a Deez Nauts hold, followed by a break on a dropped pass turnover. 2-0 Nauts. Skylife fought back, tying the game at 2 each. Deez Nauts played zone almost the entire game. We stayed chilly until we were able to break the cup, and then exploited matchups for easy scores, including multiple scores to Mercury and Banshee. Dan and Keith operated as our primary handlers, and their experience helped us stay calm under the pressure of the zone. Skylife took half 8-6.

At the beginning of the second half, Deez Nauts broke us to cut our lead to 8-7, but that was the closest they would get. Skylife finished the game on a 7 to 3 run including a 50-yard flick from Dan to Kyra. With the win, Skylife moves to 4-0. It was a well-rounded team effort against a very good team, and we are hoping to play them again at the tournament!

Only one team could remain undefeated and Skylife managed to stay on top! (Although if you look at the ultimate central standings, Deez Nauts still has a higher power ranking. But only by 1.5 points.) I find it interesting that Deez Nauts stuck with zone for most of the game even when Skylife seemed to be unphased by it. Then again, I do not claim to be a master ultimate strategist, so maybe there’s more method to the madness.

And “a cooked talent”? hehehe love it!

As Ethan already summarized for us, Skylife is now 4-0 and remains the only undefeated team in the B division. Their next game will be against Boost It! (2-2) Thursday night.

Deez Nauts are now 3-1 and will face off against Whiskey Discs (1-4) on Monday.

Will Boost It! cause an upset and topple the undefeated Skylife? Will Deez Nauts be able to hold on their power ranking over Skylife? Only time will tell. And the recaps. The recaps will tell too. Send them to me. Please and thank you.

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