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More late recaps are coming in. I just got recaps from both sides of the DA vs TBD game.

Quick note before we get into the recaps, Scott Bergen of Skylife commented on a previous recap regarding parking for Glendale fields, and I wanted to share it here so everyone is in the loop.

My mom is a world class masters sprinter, probably the most successful masters athlete in USATF history. She occasionally trains at GCC and says that the best parking is across the footbridge over Verdugo right where it splits with Canada Blvd. There are meters but she says if you go to the row right on the street, they’re more expensive than the ones a row back from the street. It’s also well lit the whole way and not much of a hill. Just cross the footbridge and go right towards the lights.
The field is in very good condition. The lighting is excellent. And the guy booted us promptly at 10 on the nose.

Thanks for the parking tips, Scott! And thanks for letting us all know your mom is cooler than all of us.

Now, for the actual game recaps you came here for, here’s the TBD v3 side from Greta.

So I’m sitting in my hotel room because work has me traveling and I’m like, huh I still haven’t written the recap yet. And then Kwok texts me and asks if I’m going to. And then I turn on the tv and what’s on?? HARRY POTTER. It’s fate.

Okay so Glendale Community College is confusing AF. There are lots of stairs and lots of bridges and everything is clustered together but not in a cohesive way, so finding the field from the massive parking garage took some time. Especially when the lights aren’t on yet.

Game starts! It’s a little windy and there are low numbers for both teams to start. DA only had three ladies to start and Jean was getting over some sickness (but was still a beast on the field). Don’t underestimate them with low numbers, they’re a team who’s been playing together for a while now and know how each other works. Kwok landing dimes to Amy, Amy with those slick up field cuts, Skech with relentless energy to always be cutting and bidding…you catch my drift.

TBD started up, staying chilly as the weather and working the disc up field and finding some sick breaks. Zesty and Pre were super chill and helped calm our O. Grant was all over the field making plays. Megan always seemed to be open and literally everyone on our team was killing it defensively. For most of the first half TBD stayed up by two with DA constantly challenging us. TBD took half 8-6? 8-7? Idk.

DA must’ve had some half time chat though, their numbers were up a they came out swingin. We traded points back and forth – lots of great match ups. I personally was having a great time matching up against Stacy, we both got an endzone D on each other during one point. I thought it was a fun point and then I brought it up at the bar and she didn’t remember, probably because she played a lot of amazing points…but womp for me.

Then TBD started to not be so chilly – trying lots of huckingintotrafficorhuckingforacutterwhowasn’tactuallycuttingdeep. But hey, it’s okay, we held our composure. We had some unfortunate turns which DA make use out of. One of my favorite parts of the game is when Kwok completely misread the disc and Dot yells “KWOK FIND IT!” and then Kwok just threw is hand over his head hoping to find the disc…and he did. He found it.

Final “score” was 13-11, we had to soft cap it to beat the lights.

I gotta say though, TBD played well despite the outcome of this game…So we’ll see when/if we play again if mischief was really managed.

p.s. both teams hit the bar and both won the bar, get as us rest of winter league

I gotta say, I’m super happy to hear everyone has been strictly abiding to the 10pm hard end time. Even when it means the game has to end before reaching 15. Good on you all for being responsible adults!

And here’s the GroupMe cap from Nate and the DA team. (And to help further clarify in case you don’t have every team’s roster memorized, Nate is on DA and his roommate, Danielle, is on TBD.)

EDITOR’S SHORT STORY (An important correction before the cap)
The Roommate Connection
It’s the second half. DA is running mostly on nerve and adrenaline. I get a block on a deep shot, and after a few throws get an up-line going the other way. I see Jean streaking deep and let it fly, but short arm it…. and who does it fall to? My delightful new roommate Danielle! It shoots straight into her and she hangs up that phone… as if… I couldn’t have done that on purpose right? From the sidelines there is much “ROOMIEZ” heckling.
I stand pondering for a second as my guy goes in and I start to follow. Danielle picks up and sees a TBD gal sprint past me deep. The thought flashes “don’t try it,” but she uncorks a massive flick. It’s a gorgeous shot to the endzone and certainly better than mine seconds earlier. A sure goal. A man possessed, I turn tale and hit the burners, get past everyone with steps to spare, snatch it, and trip over nothing to flop over in the endzone. Not making a fool of me today Danielle!
And that my friends is how throwing to each other and not your teammates is true roommate love.

I really hope the part about Jean getting sick in the middle of the game was an exaggeration… because OMG no. Never will I ever want to play frisbee that much. Nope. Can’t do it. Extra kudos to Jean if she really did power through though.

Sounds like DA could have used some subs, too. I saw a request go out that subs were need at Rancho, but I didn’t see anything for this game. Is DA too cool for subs? I guess they made it work anyway.

Dumbledore’s Army (3-0-0) remains one of the two undefeated A Division teams and will go on to play Skeeter (1-1-1) next week.

TBD v.3 (1-1-1) will play the other undefeated team, Ninja Squirtles (3-0-0) next week.

Interesting parallel in the scores for both of those games. It will be fun to see what happens.


  • Nathan Warden

    February 6, 2020 at 1:40 pm

    To answer your questions
    > YES Jean soldiered through after puking. Amazing. What a gal.
    > SUBs – we are not nearly organized enough to know if we needed subs or not haha was one of those “meh it’ll work out!” type things…..


  • danielle diraddo

    February 7, 2020 at 2:51 pm



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